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Creativity plays a large role in Link Building. Only creative posts can attract clicks and hence, creativity is crucial to the success of your Link Building process. Link Building is not just about activities and actions but about demonstration of creativity, skill and expertise in its implementation. Creative work requires skill, time and research. Creative work takes a lot of time and effort but it pays in the end – enormously. Link Building is a continuous process and it requires constant and continuous improvement on-the-go. So, you have to have a strategy in place like a content calendar to efficiently roll out your content creation and distribution strategy that eventually helps your SEO and Link Building processes. Let us know more.

Write Inspiring Stories

The objective of inspiring stories is to touch people and their lives. The inspiring stories influence people to take action to make their lives better by implementing, following or acting on the learnings, suggestions and recommendations mentioned in the stories. As a Digital Marketer, you have to weave links into your content effectively so that every advice, suggestion or part of your content leads to the relevant sections of your website or webpage where you want a desired action to be taken by the readers.

Your stories may be actual, suggestive, illustrative or imaginative but should incite your readers to be interested in your article in the first place. Then, it should lead your readers to proceed further to subsequent stories, and then to engage with your brand mentions and links for further engagement and eventually drive them to do business with you instantly, immediately or later. Interesting stories come with interesting pictures, videos and fantastic titles.

It is better to keep the tone of your content to light irrespective of the topic or subject being serious or heavy. Keep the tone more like a conversation mode like a friend instead of making it a literary piece of content. As a friend gives suggestions in the time of trouble or a difficult situation, your content should be comforting, suggestive and leading to take the necessary steps to move ahead and be better off. You have to inspire your readers to take action based on the conversation and get to a promising start from scratch, from the middle of nowhere, from uncertainty in their career, life, business or anything else.

Every story should have an ending with encouraging advice in such a way that it leads to an action; instead of letting your readers leave in the middle. Use keywords richly so that your story is better read, interpreted and understood by both your readers and the search engines. Write exciting stories and buy quality backlinks to promote your website.

Write Need-of-the-Hour Blog Posts

Your creative posts should relate to your readers’ lives, capture life around, reflect the current scenario and narrate the prevailing situation. So, you might consider writing Need-of-the-Hour blog posts and stories that drive your readers to take immediate action to get an immediate solution to come out of their problems or issues. Those Need-of-the-Hour blog posts should attempt to cover your readers’ pain points and address each of the pain pints with useful tips, solutions and answers. For PerfectLinkBuilding, Link Building Services USA.

Create Promising Articles

Your story should promise better days, prospects, or a better future for your readers. In the view of this, you have to know the ground situation as to what real problems that your audiences are facing in general and with respect to your specific subject. Then, you have to differentiate the overall issues into topics and write promising articles with respect to each topic with titles and headings that promise to ease their problems, console them and encourage them.

Your story should not only look promising at the outset like at the title level, but maintain the tempo, sustain the interest and share the concern till the closing lines. Your entire content including the Anchor Texts, story narrative, slogans, accompanying images and videos, etc., should convey hope and promise. You should also take into serious consideration and care to let your content be picked up by both your readers and the search engines for those search phrases related to the topic and subject of your stories.

Offer Data with Decorative Titles & Content

Stories with authentic data are valued and consumed by numerous readers because they value research and at the same time may lack the time and expertise to do the research themselves. Data with poor content does not do well. So, irrespective of carrying solid data and research findings, you are not able to get your readers to read your stories passionately, what use you have out of your stories.

So, you have to do better packaging for your stories with things like attractive titles, moving content, supportive images and fitting videos. That is when people love reading your stories, get the data, take suggested action to calls, fulfill their needs and eventually, help fulfill your Link Building goals and objectives.

Handle Questions to Solve Problems

When you are answering the inherent questions in your stories, blog posts, articles, discussion forums and reviews, you have to ensure that you have the right answers, tips and solutions and present them well. You can write or share them in bullet points for better visibility and simple view. Your story will be highly appreciated if you list the actions to be taken in straight points for each problem or issue. This ensures better understanding on the part of your audience and earns a great deal of respect for your authority and expertise.

All along, do remember that you are after all promoting a brand, and ensure to keep in mind that you should present your brand with class. You have to be aware of the fact that anything that you write or post directly reflects on your brand and impacts it.

Use Link Texts that Create Leads

The Link Text or Anchor Text is vital for lead generation in Link Building. So, instead of using the same Anchor Texts over and over again, you can work on them and create inspiring Clickable Ideas that convert your readers into leads, and then those leads into your customers.

Publish Social Posts that Trigger Interest

Social Media posting should not be done with boring stuff or commonplace posts to reach out to your target audience. They have to be created with the same seriousness as that of those super-sized physical billboards that are placed at strategic points and main arterial roads inside cities and roads leading to cities to be seen by numerous people and get numerous callbacks. Likewise, you should consider creating each of your blog posts seriously though you don’t spend millions of dollars like billboards.

You have to make each of your posts so refreshing and so nice that each of these Social Media billboards attract and engage your audience to click your posts and visit your web pages.


Creativity in story writing breaks through the clutter in digital marketing and lets several online users reach out to your web pages by clicking your links. So, focus on ideas and innovation by creating each piece of content and execute your Link Building process effectively.

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