The Benefits of Video Content Marketing


It is well known that content marketing is one of the best ways to establish or develop businesses. A particular form of content marketing – that is, video – is one that has become more and more popular over the last couple years. As of 2020, 83% of marketers declared that it was more important than ever, and 87% of businesses use video as a form of marketing. Overall, its popularity has been substantially increasing recently, and for good reason.

Video appeals to audiences

One of the reasons why video marketing is an excellent tool is because of how accessible it is. It’s a great way for businesses to advertise their product or services to potential customers because the visual element helps businesses explain what they are selling is and how it will be useful to the client. 

The visual aspect can also be vital to build trust with the customer. Video content is far more engaging than other forms of marketing and is more likely to ignite emotion in the viewer, hence creating more of a relationship between the buyer and the seller. This relationship is more likely to result in long-term patronage due to the trust built by the more conversational tone of videos.

However, videos under two minutes get far more engagement from viewers. Finding the balance between brevity and giving an informative explanation is often where sellers make mistakes.

Video Shows Brilliant ROI 

Even though video isn’t the easiest or cheapest form of marketing, it definitely pays off through the significantly rewarding return of investment. In fact, 83% of respondents to a Wyzowl survey confirmed that the ROI was first-rate.

Video Increases Social Sharing

Many social platforms now have adapted, not only to accommodate, but to encourage video sharing. Examples such as Twitter’s Periscope, Instagram’s stories and 60-second videos, and Facebook’s Live Video and Lifestage. As of January 2021, YouTube ranked as the second highest social networking platform in terms of how many users it’s had over the past year. YouTube is also considered one of the best places for marketing, partly due to the fact that it is already a video-based platform. 

SEO is also largely improved through video marketing. Titling videos with common search tags is an excellent way for businesses to get onto the front page of the internet, therefore attracting more viewers. 

Video Attracts Mobile Users

This mightn’t seem very important, but roughly 79% of mobile users make purchases via their mobiles. It has been revealed that mobile users are also more likely to pay attention to advertisements or branded content on YouTube than desktop users and that over 60% of video views come from mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

All in all, video marketing is a simple and effective marketing strategy for establishing or developing businesses. The appeal and reassurance of the visual aspects, the worthwhile ROI, the advantages gained in the social networking world, and the particular appeal to mobile users make it not only a worthwhile, but a decidedly fabulous investment.

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