How to choose the CMMC Consultant



  • Recognize Your Requirements


Consider what type of automobile you require and what is practicable for you, using the car showroom as an example. In the case of a cmmc assessment, your needs could range from having a second pair of eyes go over the work you’ve already done to fully managing your efforts to become and stay compliant. You should also be clear on what level of CMMC compliance you want to attain.


  • Examine Your Motives


Nobody enjoys spending thousands, tens of thousands, or even millions of dollars to comply with regulations. The improper strategy is to look for a rubber stamp or someone who will tell you what you want to hear. While a rubber stamp may provide you with a report stating that you are compliant and ready for an assessment, as CMMC Compliance orlando fl requires, a third-party auditor is unlikely to be as critical of security control implementation.


  • Investigate


You wouldn’t need a consultant if you already knew everything there was to know about CMMC compliance. It is, therefore, critical to understand CMMC’s requirements and how to meet them. If you can’t accomplish it on your own, enlist the assistance of a buddy or coworker!


  • Determine the Consultant’s Function


Taking the time to consider the consultant’s desired role will help you keep costs under control and possibly assess whether a consultant is required at all. If you do decide that extra assistance is required, make sure you understand the scope of that assistance and that the scope is explicitly defined in any future agreements (s). Define attainable and quantifiable goals and hold your provider accountable to them!


  • Create a schedule.


Make sure you create a timeline that specifies when the consulting engagement should begin and when it should end. This will not only help you fulfill your deadlines but will also assist the prospective consultant in determining the project’s staffing and resourcing requirements. With two individuals working on it, a project that takes one person two months might just take one month.


  • Obtain Several Quotes


While finding and contacting several vendors, listening to sales pitches, and reviewing proposals from multiple organizations might be time-consuming and tedious, it may be worthwhile. Remember that you could be working with a consultant for months or even years, so make sure you date a few suitable partners before marrying. While you don’t want someone unreasonable or overly critical in their evaluation, you also don’t want someone who tells you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear. 

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