Is SEO Worth the Expense?  


Being shocked by the fees associated with a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can lead to other shocks as well.  For example, you might be shocked when you see your website start to appear closer and closer to page 1 in Google’s search engine result pages.  You might be shocked when you see more traffic to your website.  You might be shocked when you start receiving more inquiries from customers via your website or from callers who found you in Google.  You might be shocked to see your sales improve.  Actually, none of this would shock the savvy small business owner.

Business owners understand that the internet has changed almost everything about the way we do business.  And online marketing is leading the way for business change.  But getting on page 1 in Google search results does not happen by accident.  It is alabor-intensive, technical specialty that few small business can handle on their own.

How would a small business decide if an online marketing campaign like SEO is worth the cost?  It is a cost versus benefit analysis.  Of course, there are no guarantees but decades of internet searches have shown that sites on page 1 get more traffic, much more traffic than sites not on page 1.  IT really is that simple.  So, if you think the additional visitors to your website will translate into more sales, then SEO will likely be a worthwhile investment.

The sales generated by new customers finding your website on page 1 need to cover the cost of the SEO campaign and then some.  There is no point in making the effort and incurring the expense if you are only going to break even.  Remember that making your website easier to find by those who are looking for the goods and services your business offers is just good business.  They are already interested.  They already want to find someone who can do for them what you do.  With SEO, you are not wasting money on billboards that are viewed by many but are relevant to only a few.  SEO helps you get found by those already looking for you.  Is it worth it?  Of course it is.

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company can help your small businesses increase its online presence and improve the bottom line even if you are not in New Jersey.

For more information about SEO costs and benefits, read this infographic.

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