5 Prerequisites to Follow Before Starting a Web Hosting Business


With a steady increase in the number of websites being launched, quality web hosting services have been in high demand. While hosting companies have tried to cater to these demands, Hosting Resellers have identified this opportunity and established profitable businesses. Starting a Reseller Web Hosting business is easy and requires a small investment. Also, with web hosting being a constant requirement to keep the site online, a web hosting business can generate a steady stream of income by offering competitive hosting plans. If you have been thinking about starting a Reseller Hosting business, then in this article, we will offer five prerequisites that you must follow to establish the best Reseller Web Hosting business in India.

There are many companies offering plans to support Reseller Hosting in India. As a Hosting Reseller, you purchase a plan that includes hosting resources that can be used to create smaller packages and sold to your clients. It requires a small investment and a basic technical understanding of web hosting to start a Reseller Hosting business.

Reseller Hosting is a great business opportunity if approached strategically. Here are some things that must ensure before you start:

1. Define your target market

Most successful Hosting Resellers have one thing in common – they have a clearly defined market segment that they try to cater to. This allows them to create packages focused on the specific needs of websites from the segment and add value to the business. The web hosting landscape is competitive with hosting companies, resellers, and affiliates trying to attract site owners. In such a landscape, trying to sell hosting services to every website can be counterproductive as you can lack focus and fail to offer value. Hence, ensure that you spend some time analyzing the market and define the type of websites/businesses you would want to focus on.

2. Assess the competition

Regardless of the market segment you choose, one thing is certain, there would already be several hosting companies and resellers catering to them. Hence, if you are planning to start servicing the segment, you must understand what your competition is offering. Try to identify pain areas and the average price that websites are paying for web hosting. You can then position your services optimally to attract maximum clients.

3. Pick the right Reseller Hosting plan

As a Hosting Reseller, you will purchase resources from a hosting company. These resources will form the foundation of your hosting packages. Also, the performance of your services will rely on that of the hosting company’s resources. Therefore, it is important to choose the Reseller Hosting plan carefully. Avoid cheap Reseller Hosting plans just to save money. Look at the complete picture, choose a reliable provider, and purchase a plan that allows you to ensure happy clients and grow your business.

4. Create a business plan

When you launch a business, there are certain things that need your attention like branding, creating a website, pricing your products/services, etc. With a Reseller Hosting business, these aspects need careful consideration since most people will assess the quality of services they can expect from you by visiting your website, comparing prices, and responding to your brand image online. Create a business plan that helps you project the USPs of your business optimally to existing and prospective clients.

5. Create a robust client support process

For a site to be online, there are many technical processes that need to work seamlessly. Since most site owners are not technical experts, they tend to have a lot of queries and usually require assistance to manage technical snags. As a Hosting Reseller, you are the hosting company for your clients, and they will approach you if they face any technical roadblocks. If you fail to offer support, you stand the risk of losing the client and brand image in the market. Hence, ensure that you create a robust client support process before you launch your Reseller Hosting business.

Summing Up

Remember, a Reseller Hosting business like any other business requires the management of some basics like business accounts, manpower management, tax filing, etc. We have not included these aspects because the compliance requirement will vary based on the size of your business. However, it will be prudent to keep these aspects in mind, too, before starting a Reseller Hosting business. Finally, the best approach is to ensure that your clients have minimum technical issues and a seamless experience with you. This can ensure a long-term and profitable Reseller Hosting business.

The following video illustrates how you can make money from your Reseller Hosting business:

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