Types of Online Giving Solutions Your Church Can Use


For any non-profit organization, it must be reaching out to people in need. But there is more that has to be taken off. To run a non-profit organization not only you need compassion but also money and support of people who believe in your cause. But people are not going to knock at your door and extend a helping hand, at least not always. What you need is a modern solution to a modern problem. 

Types Of Online Giving 

Website Giving Forms 

Websites are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the people who believe in your cause. But this is 2020 and there are a lot more solutions a website can offer, other than engagement with integrated online payment tools you are all set to allow people to become a big part of the change. 

Giving Kiosks 

Installation on a kiosk at your church brings a huge difference in a church’s collection. One of the major problems is people now don’t carry cash, and even when they are wanting to contribute more, they are stopped by the non-availability of online payment options. don’t let that stop you, get a giving kiosk. 


Smartphones are a part of our daily life; people are habituated to take them anywhere and everywhere they go. This text-to-give option is a good choice. People just have to simply send a text message to donate, nothing could have been simpler. 

Giving By Mobile Apps 

Mobile apps have made life easier, and by allowing them into the online donation camp you can make things a lot easier not only just for you but the donor too. Not only it is a simple process, but also each transaction is well secure and traceable to make sure nothing goes wrong. 

3 Reasons To Opt For Church Online Giving

Still, thinking? Here are three amazing reasons that will change your mind right away and will inspire you to adopt church online giving options.  

  • Anywhere & Anytime 

People don’t have to be physically available to help you in your work, but they can do it from anywhere using Church Online Giving methods available at your organization. It is fast and secure and people find it easy. 

  • Handling Is Super Easy

Digital transfer of money means it comes in your bank account, no need to make rounds to the bank every 2 days to deposit the donation and hence no problem with handling money. It is recorded and is transferable with no risks including robbery and losing.   

  • Versatility 

Your church members can donate online. Few of them include:

  1. Kiosks
  2. Text-To-Give
  3. Mobile Apps

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