How to choose the best VPN services in 2020 for online privacy


Online privacy is extremely crucial and with that being said, you’ll need to take every single precautionary measure that’s within your reach. So far, one of the best security software available is a Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is a security tool that’ll help keep all your online activities private and secure. There are many countries around the world that follow extreme surveillance and censorship policies, blocking many services online.

Additionally, other external threats that circulate the internet, are something to be careful of, like malware attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, Trojans and more.

A VPN is secured with military-grade encryption, passing your activities through a secure server and then encrypted in a secluded tunnel. Also, you’ll even be able to access multiple streaming services worldwide. For instance, there are countries like China that block access to numerous websites and apps. Then, there are also countries like India that have access to the internet, but won’t be able to access multiple foreign services due to geo-restrictions.

A VPN can help with all that and more. But, you should also be aware of the many VPN scams that prevail on the internet. Some provider offer lifetime deals of the best services, but in fact are just ways to scam the public into buying them.

There are only a handful of the best VPNs available in the industry that offer the best security, cheap VPN packages, fast speeds, and more. But, how do you look for them? How do you tell them apart from the rest?

What to look for in a reliable VPN

There ways for you to choose a reliable VPN service that sets it apart from the rest. Here’s how you choose it:

·         Reliable policies

Every great VPN has to come with reliable and trustworthy privacy policies as well as money-back guarantee, if there are any. These are extremely crucial factors to look into. There are circumstances when a VPN provider boasts safety values and a no-logging policy, but provides no solid documents to show it. Always make it a point to dig deep within a providers policies to check if they’re really as reliable as they claim.

·         Refund and money-back guarantee

It’s no secret that many VPN providers are scams, but how would you know until you try it? Right? Make sure the VPN you choose comes with at least a 3-day free trial to test the app’s features and overall performance. A money-back guarantee is required. So, always go through other user-reviews to get your answers.

·         Server coverage

Since you’re main goal is online private and data protection, it’s sometimes wise to connect to a VPN server that’s located in another country. This shields your activities and keeps is from being traced. A large or smart network coverage also allows you to access blocked or geo-restricted websites, streaming services or apps that are available internationally.

·         Safe location

Keep a look out for a VPN that’s located outside the 14-eyes countries. These countries usually make sure that any VPN that’s located within the territory, comply with the law and provide user information.


There are other security measures like an Anti-virus or a Firewall that help protect you online, but a VPN is versatile. It not only protect your activities and anonymity online, but helps unblock many other services, all while rendering the fastest speeds.

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