Why Having A CCTV Camera In Singapore Is A Safety Measure


CCTV in Singapore has become a necessity that every building, whether residential or commercial areas, must have. With the crime rate and break-ins increasing yearly, a closed-circuit television system or CCTV is a good investment.

CCTV improves the likelihood that it will witness and collect illegal conduct and evidence to pursue a conviction. It also has a wide field of view and can be placed to cover entry points frequently used by criminals, such as those in the back of a building. The presence of surveillance in these locations can serve as a necessary measure.

Buying a CCTV camera in Singapore is cheap enough for any company to implement, and they have many uses beyond just keeping an eye.

What Is The Purpose Of CCTV?

Closed-circuit tv is also known as CCTV. Analog video cameras that broadcast a signal to a designated group of displays typified the earliest iterations of video surveillance.

It is a method of monitoring public or private areas for suspicious activity through strategically placed cameras, monitors, and data networks. When it comes to deterring criminal activity, few tools are as effective as video surveillance systems, which is why more property owners prefer CCTV installation in Singapore.

Cameras are effective deterrents to would-be burglars. And even if burglars get in and steal from you, you’ll be able to quickly identify them thanks to the footage. Because of this potential danger, they will prioritise attacking homes without obvious security cameras.

Who Needs CCTV?


1. Commercial shops

Most of all, thefts from stores are the result of stealing. Since it would be inappropriate to follow every customer as they browse your store, buying CCTV surveillance in Singapore can serve as additional eyes and ears for you. You can detect whether someone is robbing, and most would-be thieves would think twice about their actions.

2. Factories

Most factories are massive, and they feature a lot of machinery. Supervisors can use a CCTV system to monitor things and ensure everything is running well.

CCTV cameras in a factory setting have many more applications than just monitoring for theft. They check the status of regular activities, check up on workers and ensure no one is messing with the machines.

The expense of installing, maintaining and buying CCTV in Singapore will be more than offset by the money you save by having a safer and more productive workplace.

3. Offices

Investing in a CCTV camera in Singapore can track everyone entering your office daily. It can remove possible thieves and decrease the area’s overall crime rate. It can also serve as proof in the event of an incident on the property.

Employing a skilled security guard can provide business owners with peace of mind. The additional help you receive when installing a CCTV system will guarantee your space’s highest level of security. You can also use the cameras to protect the employees. You will be able to check on their compliance with safety procedures and locate potential accidents in the office.

Installing commercial CCTVs is suitable for your company’s image. Security cameras placed in apparent locations will reassure customers and employees in businesses with high foot traffic throughout the day. If you take this additional safety precaution, clients will see that you value their safety and satisfaction with your products and services.

A CCTV in Singapore properties can significantly affect any organisation, whether you manage a firm of two people or two thousand. The only factor in determining the optimal amount of cameras to protect your business is the size of your firm.

4. Hospitals

Since healthcare organisations deal with highly personal health records, they must take extraordinary measures to protect this data. You can preserve patient forms from illegal access using CCTV cameras in strategic locations throughout your building.

It’s important to note that every camera in the CCTV control room should be geo-referenced on a map for the operator’s convenience. To make things easier to track, you may give them the names of the rooms they are in.

5. Homes

If you have a maid, what time do they arrive and what time do they leave? Does your nanny do an excellent job with the baby? You can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you, so you can get a good look at what went down a week or months ago.

To protect yourself, your family, and your possessions, use these features and consider calling experts for CCTV installation in Singapore. Placing them in key spots will allow you to monitor all this and more.

6. Public places

It has become common practice for governments and commercial businesses to install CCTV surveillance in Singapore public areas as the first line of defence against terrorism and criminal activity. It also protects remote locations during building or repair work, parking enforcement, and traffic monitoring.

Public areas often flocked by people needing high-security, closely-monitored areas include airports, seaports, prisons, and banks. CCTV installation in Singapore red lights areas near important traffic crossings, for instance, can prevent catastrophic accidents by revealing potential weak spots.

Responsible supervisors install video surveillance systems in various public and private settings, including campuses, private residences, and public areas. The drive toward smarter cities and the expanding industrial IoT relies heavily on the widespread adoption of surveillance cameras.

Do You Need Permission To Install CCTV Camera?


CCTV installation in Singapore may require permission from the local authorities based on the type of property you have and the intended location of the camera. CCTV cameras installed outside of HDB buildings need residents to obtain permission from the local government. On the other hand, landed property owners have the right to place CCTV cameras on their premises without obtaining consent.

Remember that once you’ve acquired approval from the local government to set up a CCTV camera, it can only remain in place for six months before you must remove it unless you apply for another approval.

Security and safety matters!

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