Save Precious Time and Money with The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin


Gone are the days when you had to incur a lot of money and time to make your WordPress site accessible to everyone, including those with physical disabilities. Such users access the Internet differently, and, as a business owner, you must ensure they have a seamless experience with your site.

Manual techniques were time-consuming, and fixing problems pertaining to web accessibility often took weeks and months. In most cases, if some detail was overlooked, the site faced legal penalties and, for bigger problems, expensive ongoing lawsuits. Moreover, even if business owners decided to sort out the accessibility problems themselves, their efforts were short-lived as with every update on WordPress, the code would break, leading them back to square one, and they had to start all over again!

The Accessibe WordPress Plugin adds value to your business

Thanks to technological developments, there are WordPress accessibility plugins available to make the task of fixing web accessibility issues easier and more affordable for all business owners. The accessibe wordpress plugin is a valuable tool for your WP site. It is infused with the power of artificial intelligence to automatically scan your site’s content for accessibility issues every 24 hours. It does not hamper the user interface, as it works silently in the background. It can detect problems and fix them in under 48 hours to make your site fully compliant.

As a WP business owner, you not only get the advantages of web accessibility with this plugin, but you enjoy better search engine ranks as well. Search engines prioritize websites with good accessibility; they penalize those who do not pay attention to them. So, it is a win-win situation for you when you install this plugin for your business needs.

Install in simple steps

The installation of this innovative plugin for web accessibility for WP sites is simple and fast. You just need to go to the dashboard of WordPress and install this plugin from the options listed. Once downloaded, just activate it to function. The whole procedure takes some minutes to download and work. Once installed, it runs in the background, and you can forget about it, knowing your WP site’s compliance and web accessibility lies in safe hands. This gives you the opportunity to focus on core business functions for the development and growth of your company.

Seamless and enjoyable user experience

Users with disabilities not only benefit from the installation of this innovative plugin, but those without also enjoy the unique user- experience you give them when they visit your site.

Therefore, if you are the owner of a WordPress site and wish to enhance the user experience for your visitors, installing the accessibe wordpress plugin is one of the smartest business choices you can embrace for your business. It helps you attract web users from all walks of life, boost the SEO of your company, and profit from the increased sales opportunities you get, thanks to its presence! This cost-effective tool adds value to your company, and it is a financial investment to your customers as well.

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