Convert files to any format


Anyone who has to convert files often, be it to deliver a certain file format to a customer or to be able to edit documents in the first place, knows the sometimes tedious work steps well enough. It also happens time and again that formatting is incorrect or the result is completely unusable. This is where a useful tool comes into play that can (almost) completely relieve you of your work: AnyConv. This project, which is still in the beta phase but is already very useful, converts almost every file type into the desired format. No own software is necessary.

Convert files with AnyConv

This free service runs entirely in the browser window. The source files can either be uploaded to the website via drag&drop. As soon as a file has been selected, all file formats into which the source file can be converted are displayed. The following file types can serve as target / source format:

  • Archives (zip, 7zip, rar, cab, iso, …)
  • Audio (mp3, m4a, ogg, aac, …)
  • CAD (dwg, dxf)
  • Documents (doc, docx, pdf, odt, html, …)
  • eBook (azw, azw3 + 4, epub, pdf, lit, …)
  • Images (jpg, png, gif, ps, raw, svg, …)
  • Video (mpg, avi, flv, rm, wmv, …)

To test the file conversion once, I converted an Open Office file (odt) on the local computer into a PDF file and then converted it to Microsoft Word format (.docx) using AnyConv. The result was very convincing. Not all fonts and sizes could be recognized exactly, but the text formatting and headings were adopted perfectly.

The tool is perfect for converting files quickly, for example to send them or process them further. The service is currently usable 60 times ahour with a maximum file size of 50MB without registration. All communication takes place via https and, according to the provider, the data is deleted after a maximum of 24 hours. If you want to convert explosive and / or strictly confidential files, you should first consider carefully whether you really want to load your data onto a foreign server.

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