Major types of Ethernet cables with complete guideline


When it comes to the computer networking at home or office the first thing that comes to mind is related to the cables. For better connection and unforgettable data transfer Ethernet cables are the most reliable and durable cables. They provide the best connection, networking system and data connectivity and transfer as well.

In the market multiple Ethernet cables are available that are used for different purposes and come up in different sizes and lengths. Whenever, it comes to do the experience of buying the Ethernet cables means should understand the size and type that will fulfills the need.

Moreover, you have to consider the quality of the cables to make sure un limited data connectivity and transfer. Cat6 plenum cable 1000ft is the finest quality Ethernet cable that is durable in nature, protective and offers the best connection without any data loss. For more information and study here are major types of Ethernet cables that need to review:

Twisted pair cable

One of the major types of Ethernet cables is twisted pair cable, that is built up with four different pairs of wires. In the manufacturing these wires are twisted together in a particular pattern and form a complete network interface.

Usually the twisted cable is used in the connectivity of networking and phone device connection. Further the twisted cable divided into two different groups.

Shielded twisted pair

In the shielded twisted pair, cables are covered with the layer of insulation around the twisted cables. It offers more security and keeps the cable safe from damage.

Unshielded twisted pair  

In an unshielded twisted pair, there is no insulation over the twisted cables. With the minimal protection this type cannot protect the transfer of data from the external interaction.

Coaxial cables

Coaxial cable is an advanced and more protective Ethernet cable type. It is made up with durable material and its manufacturing keeps it distinguished from the others. There are multiple layers and each layer is protective with the help of an external insulation material. With the help of plastic insulation and metallic shield the cable offers more secure data transfer without any external interference.

Coaxial cables are preferred to use as networking cable for the networking system setup. It boosts the data transfer and best ever connectivity with the speed of 10Mbps or more.  

Fiber optics cables

Fiber optics cables are known by name and always got preference due to properties. For the fastest connection and data transfer people prefer to choose the networking setup with fiber optics. It transfers the data in the form of light and as quickly as the light moves. Fiber optics are thick and usually larger in size that offer support and sustainability with the exclusive data connection.

It is one of most expensive networking and Ethernet cables that offer multiple advantages. Moreover, it will stand strong for a longer period and enhance durability and connectivity.

There are certain types in the fiber optics that offer people a comprehensive choice as per their requirement. Here are some types of fiber optics that are in use:

Single mode fiber optics

As we know in the fiber optics data transfer as a beam of light and quick mode. In the single mode fiber optics, a single ray of light transmits from the cable. Usually single mode fiber installs for the long run data connection.

Multi-mode fiber optics

When it comes to the multiple mode fiber optics means multiple light rays can easily transmit from one place to another. The multi-mode fiber is less expensive than the single mode fiber and commonly used in the installation of networking systems.

Cat5e cable

Cat5e is a modified and latest version of Ethernet cables that is known for its efficiency and data coverage. When it comes to speed for data transfer and more potential electrical interface – only cat5e cable is an appropriate selection.  

Cat6a cable

If you are looking for an advanced and updated version of the Ethernet cables, only cat6a cable offers the best coverage. It supports the maximum data protection and transfer without any external interface. For the best ever networking system and to attain high end performance people prefer to get the cat6a cable for the installation.

Final consideration!

When it comes to the best ever data coverage and transfer only the Ethernet cables offer the best support. It provides the complete solution with the fastest connectivity even from the long distances. Moreover, with the Ethernet cables you can save the data loss or leakage but also learn the fastest pace of connectivity.

The cost of Ethernet cables is variant in nature and depends on the features. More the efficient cable with the best connectivity means higher the cost. Whenever you are going to choose the Ethernet cable to make a secure connection – must pay attention over the price, material and performance.         


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