Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bot Development Project a Success



It is essential to clearly define your goals in order to achieve the greatest return on investment in building and operating a chatbot. Making a bot has several practical benefits. These include the ability to drive new sales, increase customer engagement, streamline internal operations, etc. It is an IT project, so developers and testers are required. It needs to be integrated with your information infrastructure and maintained. Chatbots will need to be regularly updated due to changes in goals and product lists.


Businesses are finding new use cases for bot technology that require human judgment and effort as the technology advances. Assistant bots are useful for assisting with finance compliance and supporting HR practices. You can categorize and explain these use cases in terms of automation or augmentation. Automation can help improve productivity and performance. Augmentation robots using artificial intelligence and natural-language processing outperform humans in switching tasks and sifting through gigabytes. Bots can listen to customers and filter through a large number of choices. They also perform more precise searches and prompt the customer for pertinent information when required. A bot can collect targeted feedback during a chatbot.


Businesses have two options: build bots from scratch or use comprehensive frameworks to mass-produce bots. Many startups have their own frameworks and offer specialized services, apart from the tech giants Facebook and Microsoft.

The following frameworks are important for building Bots.

  • Facebook bot engine (
  • Microsoft bot framework
  • Kik
  • Chat script
  • Pandorabots

A popular option for custom bot development is the fact that it does not rely on a platform and can be subject to changes by the parent company. A Bot development firm is recommended for businesses that lack the development skills or clarity required to make a bespoke bot.


A chatbot designed well should automate tasks that would be tedious for an employee. The chatbot should work in the same way as an employee and fit within your business model. A chatbot must be able to understand your business logic and communicate with the right employee. Do not expect everyone to use the chatbot. Integration of the bot with internal communication tools, such as Trello or Slack, is essential. The chatbot administration console should not be used by sales staff to check for leads. You can export them directly to any sales management tools you have in place. Don’t give your chatbot a product list that’s likely to change frequently. It should be linked to your existing product databases.


While the bot cannot replace human-to-human interaction, it should be user-friendly by the development team. This requires conversational logic that understands the perspective of the user in terms of coherence and context. The bot should initiate the conversation, and then lead it.


Companies that use chatbots for customer service or commercial purposes need to be careful with their tone of voice. Chatbots are a great way to entertain and enrage potential customers. The bot should be able to elicit similar responses as an employee. An employee can show empathy and concern to a customer in distress. This will help calm down a difficult situation. Emotionally, expressing gratitude to a satisfied customer can help lift their spirits. It is possible to analyze sentiments and determine the tone of a bot’s user. It helps to understand the meaning of the message and also allows for the control of conversation flow.


Bot conversations may be nonlinear, with users asking questions not anticipated by the bot developer. Developers should prepare for failure.

Sometimes a better explanation can help the bot get back on track. Log the user’s goal, and then add new paths for the chatbot to address this situation. If you are able to reliably capture the tasks that users failed to complete, you will have the data you need to make the best updates to the bot next time. Apart from automated analytics, explicit feedback may be provided by users via email and social media to provide insights into application updates.

Chatbots will make it easier and faster to communicate online. Our virtual assistants are always available and can listen to us and respond intelligently. So if you are ready to take the next step in technology, start looking for a bot development company.

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