Is VPS Hosting Worth It?


Whenever a website outgrows Shared Hosting, it turns to VPS Hosting. In India, VPS Hosting is a popular web hosting service. It offers the functionality of a Dedicated Server at a fraction of its price. A Linux VPS Server is a versatile platform that can power various types of websites, from a simple blog to intricate e-commerce portals. It is fast, secure and scalable. It can easily keep up with the needs of a growing website.

So is VPS Hosting in India really a popular choice, or is it simply overhyped?

Even with so many options available for website hosting, VPS stands out with its well-rounded offerings. There are hardly any compromises in VPS Hosting. And while it may not be the cheapest hosting option, it certainly is not the costliest. For that reason alone, it is worth the money you spend on it.

Here are some more reasons which say that VPS Hosting is worth it.

1. It is completely scalable

This is one of the foremost reasons to buy VPS Hosting. Scalability allows a hosting platform to keep up with a website’s rate of growth. It allows a website to grow without the restrictions usually posed by the lack of resources. There are numerous VPS Hosting plans that offer different configurations that are suitable for a wide range of websites.

2. It is extremely reliable

A reliable hosting platform assures a good user experience. Visitors like websites that offer a consistent user experience and are more likely to visit ones that do so. It also boosts a website’s SEO efforts as search engines prefer and promote reliable websites over the ones that crash or go offline frequently. This is again to ensure that visitors do not visit unreliable or dodgy websites. Thus, reliability is a very desirable feature in a hosting platform.

3. It is secure

VPS Hosting can be protected against a variety of online threats by a wide range of security measures. On top of everything, only one website is hosted per VPS. There are no other websites, which adds an additional layer of security. It protects the website from the ‘bad neighbour’ effect. In this regard, with the account isolation and dedicated allocation of resources, it behaves like a Dedicated Server to protect the website it hosts.

4. It offers full control

VPS Hosting comes with full root access, which ensures that you have control over every aspect of your hosting environment. From configuring your security to setting up various optimisations, you can do it all. It even lets you choose your own operating system and tune your hosting specifically for your website. You can control performance with control.

5. It is fast

VPS Hosting is a high-performance hosting solution. Where exclusivity assures security, it also promises high performance. And it delivers. Since there are no other websites to claim their share of resources, a website hosted on a VPS is undoubtedly fast and smooth. It boosts page load speeds and delivers a satisfactory user experience. This, in turn, brings in more visitors to the website.

So do you think VPS Hosting is worth it? If you feel it is, do you want to know the right time to move your website to VPS Hosting? Check out the following video:

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