Compare and Contrast Format and Squarespace


The format is a Canadian company that specializes in producing portfolio websites for freelancers and professionals in a variety of fields. A user is given all of the tools necessary to create a website that best represents them and their work. Even though Format was only created in 2010, it has a global reach of nearly 200 nations. The format currently supports nearly half a million creative portfolio websites. They’re popular since the site is easy to use, integrates well, and has a visually appealing dashboard.

Squarespace, which was founded in 2003, is yet another sophisticated portfolio website builder. Its nearly two-decade track record has garnered over two million WebPages. They’ve vastly developed over the years and are now regarded as one of the top website builders, with clients including creative, business owners, bloggers, and virtual store operators. Squarespace designs and themes are highly adjustable, responsive, and appealing, allowing creative to create the finest site possible that reflects their unique style. Squarespace vs Format both website builders are much famous in the social media platform

If you are building a photography website, should you go with Format or Squarespace?

A photographer’s website will have more visual information than any other, and it will tell you exactly what you need right away: design flexibility and customizability—format. For the building of a photography web page, Squarespace Vs Format has the following individual advantages.


When we look at Format, we see a well-acclaimed online portfolio maker that provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to create a photographic website from scratch. This is beneficial because you do not have a standard portfolio photography website that looks like someone else’s. You also receive niche-specific gizmos to help you with your creative process. You will be able to establish a secure website that will allow you to connect all of your social media accounts to it. The nicest element is that a spectator may see each update on each side. What’s more intriguing is the private client-proofing media, which allows you to share, distribute downloads, and monitor what your consumers have to say.


A photographer would appreciate the large number of template options available in Squarespace while constructing a photography website. You can use this platform to sell merchandise and equipment if your photography business sells merchandise and equipment in addition to designing and creativity.

It enables e-Commerce and blogging functionalities to be combined. You can also utilize email marketing campaigns to expand your reach as part of the bundle. Google mapping and the establishment of online forms are further benefits that boost your brand’s visibility.

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