How to Revamp a Singapore Business Website


As business owners, we understand how important web designs are in attracting and keeping customers. Business websites are the facades of companies. If your website looks professional, it will translate to a professional and quality business in the eyes of your market.

Therefore it is important to make sure that your business websites are up to date and appealing to your intended market in order to increase brand exposure. Here are tips on how to revamp a Singapore business website.

1.  Determine Your Website Redesign Goals

A website’s significance is not only with how it looks, rather with the purpose it serves. What’s the reason why you want to redesign your website? To increase your brand’s exposure? To increase sales?

Be clear on why you want to do this. Identify your goals and tie them to your redesign strategies and plans. List your goals down and communicate them with your redesign team. This way, everyone knows what they are working towards. This will start discussion and brainstorming. It will then kick off your redesign process.

2.  Identify Your Website’s Most Valuable Pages

You need to have a proper direction when doing a website redesign. You cannot just randomly pick one page and redesign it without thinking about it. Map out your website. Determine which pages are important and need improvement. This way, you’re saving time and effort by focusing on the crucial parts.

Identify which pages need utmost planning and care, and which ones need to be scrapped out. This will be more efficient because you will improve on the parts which need developing, and not break something that is already working well.

3.  Know Your Audience

Know who visits your business website and why. Getting answers to these questions is the key to a productive website redesign. Know what catches your customer’s attention. Know what they are looking for in your line of business.

Identify the main demographics of your website visitors. Having a clear image of who your audience makes it easier to specialize your website for their motivations and needs. What they are looking for will influence your redesign decisions. Narrow them down and create your website niche.

4.  Define Your Brand

It is easier to redesign your website if you know your brand. What does your business represent? Visualize your business foundations into logos, colors, taglines, icons, etc. Once you define your brand- your business identity, follow through on your website. Your website should portray your brand image.

For example, once you have picked a color palette for your brand, use these colors in your pages. It will enforce brand consistency and encourage familiarity.

If you already have a brand profile, and you are thinking of changing certain elements of it, think about the significance and consequences of making this change. Every decision must help you in achieving your goals.

5.  Benchmark Your Website’s Current Performance

Document your performance with your current web design before implementing changes. This will give you the data on where you stand with your current website. Further, by knowing the details about your current performance, you can have an idea of which aspects to improve on.

Identify performance measures: number of visits, time on site, sales generated, bounce rate, and others. You can get this information using tools like Google Analytics.

Then once you are done with your website redesign, monitor your performance with your revamped website, and compare it with your previous performance.  This way, you can track if your new website helped with improving your business performance.

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