Fortnight Games: What Choices are there For the Best Keyboard


Between mice, headsets and computer components, gaming hardware continues to evolve. However, keyboards are probably the ones that have changed the least.

In a game such as Fortnite, it is very important to choose your shortcuts for all the different possible actions (for constructions, to change your weapon etc.). It is also necessary that the keyboard latency is as low as possible. This is why we have produced, only for you, this top of the 3 best gaming keyboards available in 2020.

The keyboard market dedicated to gaming takes a very important place in the world of e-sport, and here is our top 3. A visit to  makes things perfect.

Corsair K70 – The Best Mechanical Keyboard On The Market

The Corsair brand is internationally recognized and clearly has its place in our top. The K70 model has a wrist rest, which makes this keyboard ideal for all those who wish to play for many hours without breaks. It can happen during our slightly too long gaming sessions to feel pain in the wrists or even in our entire arm.

The design remains sober, but at the same time very professional: you can clearly see the quality of the product. The keyboard is of course mechanical. The keys have RGB lighting customizable as desired. You can easily adapt it to the color of your setup.

Corsair K70

As for switches, everything will depend on your tastes and the desired comfort. This one has Cherry MX mechanical switches which are nevertheless of exceptional quality. MX switches are recognized in the world of gaming and keyboards: they are even quite old.

We are dealing with a quality mechanical keyboard. Indeed, Corsair is a very good quality brand that will not disappoint you. The K70 keyboard is also available for a lower price but without the fully customizable RGB lighting.

As for mechanical switches, you have the choice in the Cherry MX range: it’s all about preferences and playing comfort. Pay attention to the noise that a mechanical keyboard can make, if you’re not used to it , you may be shocked.


Its cable is quite wide and heavy

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB – A Sober And Efficient Keyboard

Logitech is a globally recognized and renowned brand in the world of gaming and high-tech. Note that for this keyboard, the G810, the finish is minimalist. There are few flashy details, or complex features. Logitech was satisfied with the basic principle of a keyboard, while maintaining exceptional quality. Like most keyboards in this range, it has fully customizable RGB lighting. Up to 16.8 million different colors are available. Your gaming mouse will perfectly match your keyboard.

For example, depending on the game you are playing, you can light up all the keys that you will use a lot differently from the rest of the keyboard. For Fortnite for example or even an FPS in general, you can light up the Z, Q, S or D keys in red. For a MOBA such as League of Legends, you can light up the AZER keys.

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