5 Top Amazon Listing Optimization Mistakes and Hidden Opportunities


Amazon provides a great opportunity to reach millions of potential customers and your Amazon product listing is the front-face of your brand on the platform. The practice of enhancing product pages’ search visibility, click-through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR) to achieve more sales on Amazon is known as Amazon product listing optimization. Keyword research, listing text and image optimization, and raising the number of reviews is all part of this procedure.

Why is Amazon Product Listing Optimization Important?

The click-through rate (CTR) in the search result and the conversion rate (CR) on the product page can both benefit from content improvement. Both factors contribute to increased sales and, as a result, a higher rating.

5 Top Amazon Listing Optimization Mistakes

It all boils down to attention particularly when it comes to Amazon product listing optimization. Small changes can improve your conversion rate and ranking, providing you an advantage over your competitors. Here are some of the most common mistakes in Amazon product listing optimization:

Non-optimized images

While it is critical to include detailed product descriptions in your listings, product photos are the sole way to show your consumers what your product looks like. You do not want to make the mistake of failing to thoroughly optimize your product pictures.

Ignoring Amazon’s Policies in your listings

To govern and control the customers and sellers on its marketplace, Amazon follows a set of rules. Every vendor must understand the regulations so that they do not break them. 

Monotonous listing content

The content of your Amazon listing should not be long and monotonous. It is ultimately the content that persuades your buyers to purchase your product. You should always have bullet points in your listings and use images to make your listing appeal to the users. 

Incorrect keywords

Sometimes, sellers end up targeting the wrong keywords which affect the relevancy of their ads. These days, you can make use of a variety of tools available for finding the exact keywords that your potential customers are searching for. 

Multiple listings for product variations

In case you have multiple varieties of a single product, you should not create a separate listing for each. It impacts the user experience and consequently your sales. 

Hidden Amazon Listing Optimization Opportunities

Every detail of your product page plays an important role. What, where, and how you put the details is very crucial. Here are some opportunities for your Amazon product listing optimization:


Amazon has made a video feature for the product available to everyone. Video may help you convert more customers, especially if your product makes a sound, moves, changes, or has a use case that isn’t obvious from just looking at your main product image. 

Promotions and discount coupons

Amazon Pro sellers may generate a wide range of discounts and promos that they can personalize to their hearts’ delight. FBA is not required for drop shippers to conduct a campaign or give coupons.

Tools for Volume Listing

You profit from the greater exposure that having a big assortment of items provides, and your buyers benefit from having a large selection. However, manually uploading them takes a lot of time and work, so you’ll want to employ these volume listing tools. In addition, you may match things, adjust, and produce reports.

Competitor research

You can always conduct competitor research to look at the keywords and listings of your competitors. You can identify gaps and then implement those ideas.

Listing Content

You can always work on improving the content of your listings- changing the content structure, using short paragraphs and bullet points.

As a seller, there are multiple elements that you need to optimize and improve for improved sales. These processes sometimes might be tedious, and you might not have the required knowledge. Thus, taking the help of professionals comes in handy. Growisto is one such expert Amazon marketing agency that can help you in Amazon product listing optimization. Success on Amazon might sound challenging but with the help of the right Amazon marketing partner, you can get the right results in no time!

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