When Is The Right Time To Move To VPS Hosting From Shared Hosting?


When you first start with your business website, you generally anticipate fewer website visitors and opt for the standard and affordable Shared Web Hosting service. 

However, once your website starts growing, a Shared Hosting solution won’t fulfil the increasing traffic demands and requests with several other vulnerabilities. In such situations, opting for a higher web hosting plan is recommended. 

A Dedicated Hosting Server is an effective option but comes with huge cost requirements. This is why VPS Hosting plays a critical role, acting as a perfect intermediate hosting solution between Shared and Dedicated Hosting. It provides a Virtual Private Server or VPS with cPanel, an intuitive control panel for seamless management and server control. 

This article will take you through the signs you need to notice before making the switch from Shared to VPS Hosting. 

Signs to determine the right time to switch to VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting

The following signs will help you determine when to migrate your website to a VPS Server Hosting solution. 

  • Increasing traffic surge 

If your website is gaining a huge amount of traffic than usual, your Shared Server won’t efficiently handle the requests due to resource restrictions. This may result in website downtimes and performance issues because of the increased server load. 

Suppose you are planning to run an advertising campaign or sales and anticipate growth in website traffic. In that case, it is better to shift to VPS Hosting that offers dedicated resources with enhanced resource scalability and flexibility. 

  • Performance lags 

If you are experiencing performance lags and speed issues with your website, one of the reasons could be your current web hosting plan. In a Shared Server environment where multiple websites are hosted on a single server, if a website utilises more resources than usual, it can hamper your website’s performance to a great extent. 

A Windows or Linux VPS Server’s architecture offers enhanced speed and uninterrupted performance due to the isolated server environment

  • Need more customisation abilities 

Shared Hosting does not allow you to modify or configure your server per your business requirements. 

If you need greater customisation abilities for your website, choose a reliable VPS Server in India. It offers full root access, letting you configure your server, install software, third-party applications, preferable operating system, and more per your website’s needs. 

  • Security is a concern. 

Shared Hosting is highly vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks, compromising your website’s security if attacked. In addition, a compromised website experiences lower SEO performance, lower search engine ranking, customer trust loss, and revenue loss. 

If your website deals with private and sensitive customer information like credit card numbers, choose a secure VPS Hosting plan to avoid this. With VPS Hosting, your website gets a unique IP address. 

In addition, you can install security applications, firewalls, DDoS protection, antivirus software, malware protection software, and more to defend your website against potential online threats.  


Shared Hosting is still undoubtedly the go-to and most popular hosting service for beginner websites. However, if your website experiences any of the signs mentioned above, continuing with Shared Hosting can be a huge risk. 

On the other hand, the VPS Hosting environment offers greater performance, high uptime, enhanced security, scalability, and customisation abilities at a cost-effective price. 

Thus, buy VPS Hosting services for your website to drastically improve its performance and grow your business. 

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