Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software


Computational Fluid Dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that is mainly used for analyzing and solving the issues that are involved in the flow of fluid. Computational Fluid Dynamics is abbreviated as CFD. With the help of Computational Fluid Dynamics, it becomes possible to simulate the motion of the fluid as well as the transfer of heat, and it is done through various numerical approaches. 

The CFD of scSTREAM can analyze a huge range of problems that are mainly related to laminar as well as turbulent. Apart from that the CFD also helps in detecting incompressible and compressible fluids as well. It can provide you quantitative predictions of liquid flow mainly based on conversation laws, for example, the conversation of mass, conversation of momentum, and conversation of energy. Hence the scStream CFD is highly used in the electronic and architecture industry.    

The new CFD scFLOW is cutting edge software that comes up with a variety of technology and has easy-to-use features. In the new CFD scFLOW tool, there is a new solver that is more stable and has more calculating speed as compared to the previous ones. The new tool also has a new preprocessor with the help of which even inexperienced engineers and beginners can create any type of complex models with high-quality meshes.

The CFD is constantly evolving and the new ones are more user-friendly and have high processing speed. The new CFD is mainly developed for use in the thermal design of electronic products. However, in the electronic products, you may also need some physical activity for designing purpose but with the simple interface of CFD, you can design very easily as it comes up with a powerful calculation purpose. Hence CFD is very important for every engineer in almost all fields.

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