The Best Executive’s Guide to Build MVP in 2021


Before developing an app, you should have a clear strategy. You should be able to assess the features, functionality, interface and user experience. Coding, testing and connecting with legacy systems and deployment are various steps. To minimize costs, entrepreneurs explore multiple options. Prominent businesses explore minimum viable product (MVP) to reduce the risk, cut down the cost and speed up the results. Exyte team can help businesses in the direction.

MVP development

There are different phases involved in the MVP development.

  • Define the issue – If you are facing a problem, you should define the issue. You will explore various answers to the issue.
  • Find the resolution – You will find the most straightforward answer to resolve the issue.
  • Core features – While there are many features that should be accommodated in the app, you will identify the core features and prioritize the development.
  • User base – You will define the user base as per the features and the necessary permissions will be granted at various levels.
  • Analysis – The usage data will be collected at regular intervals and it will be assessed.
  • Feedback – You will get feedback from users and it helps in improving the app at a consistent pace.

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Benefits of MVP

By implementing the MVP development model, you can cut down business costs drastically. As per surveys, it is revealed that the deployment cost can be reduced to the extent of 50% to 60% with MVP.

The app that you launch will serve the primary purpose of fulfilling the needs of your targeted audience. Instead of using the readily available app in the market, you can go for a custom-built app. All the unnecessary features of the app will be dropped and you will work on features that enhance the functionality and serve your business interests.

The development team will focus on all the features that really matter to your business and there will be scope for expansion also.

Working of Exyte apps

Exyte apps deal with all phases of mobile app development. Experts will guide you in choosing the right technology as per your targeted audience. Developers will translate the requirements of clients in an effortless manner. We are specialized in dealing with top-corporate, government departments, consulting and branding.

We cater to various business domains, including technology, agriculture, retail, media, environment, entertainment, education, automotive sectors.

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