MilesWeb Review: The Most Affordable Shared Web Host in the Market


There are hundreds of web hosting companies on the market. How do you pick the finest web hosting for your website?

Email accounts, FTP access, and WordPress support are among the most popular services provided by all web hosting providers. You will be able to transmit your produced web pages from your PC to the webserver if you have FTP access.

Type so of Web hosting Available:

Website builder: Website builders are provided by web hosting companies. This service is beneficial to people who are just starting out and wish to host a website.

Shared hosting involves sharing a server with other website owners. It implies you’ll be sharing a physical server as well as certain software applications.

What Exactly Is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is web hosting in which numerous sites are hosted on a single server by the provider. Site A, for example, shares the same server as Sites B, C, D, and E. The advantage is that because the server costs are shared by several sites, shared web hosting is often quite affordable. It’s a low-cost web hosting service. In fact, you can get a plan that costs less than $10 per month.

Consider the sites that share your server to be your housemates; there isn’t much separating you from them. You can lock the bedroom door, but they can still give you nightmares in the kitchen and bathroom. In terms of web hosting, all of the sites share a single server.

Dedicated hosting is a form of web hosting service in which you get the entire web server to yourself. Unlike shared hosting, the server and resources will not be shared. It is preferable for improved performance.

Linux and Windows web servers perform the same functions. They will differ in terms of price, use, adaptability, and stability. The choice between the two is determined by your hosting requirements. A Windows web server will be more expensive than a Linux web server.

Linux Web servers will allow you to run scripts written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other UNIX-like languages. It typically supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

The Best Shared Web Host in India

MilesWeb offers web hosting services at the most competitive cost. It may assist you in developing your first website or give services for your current sites. MilesWeb provides exceptional speed and limitless resources. Unlimited web hosting, free domain names, website builders, and WordPress hosting are all included. MilesWeb also provides cheap web hosting Canada and rest of the world.

Pros of Hosting Site with MilesWeb:

It offers WordPress hosting that is highly optimized.

It gives free SSL certificates for security and protection.

MySQL and PHP are fully supported.

It comes with a drag-and-drop builder.

It offers free templates.

You will be given an infinite number of email accounts.

MilesWeb emphasizes its consumers by providing the following services:

MilesWeb provides customer care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of the company’s customers receive 100% bot-free help. They offer a specialized support team available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers may contact MilesWeb’s customer service staff by email, live chat, or tickets.

MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime on all best cheap shared hosting services. If you pick their hosting packages, they promise that your website will run smoothly. Because of their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers, they can provide the best uptime.

If you don’t like MilesWeb’s plans or services, you may get your money back within 30 days. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included with shared hosting and other web hosting services. If you believe the plans are unsuitable for your website or that you are not receiving the promised service, you have 30 days to request a refund.

MilesWeb’s data centers are spread around the globe. MilesWeb has data centers in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Australia. You can choose the data center that is most convenient for your intended audience.

Shared Hosting Plans from MilesWeb:

MilesWeb offers three shared hosting plans: Solo, Prime, and Multi.

If you choose a monthly plan subscription, the ordinary Solo plan costs Rs. 200 per month, but a three-year Solo plan subscription saves you 70%. If you sign up for three years, the bundle would cost you Rs. 60 each month.

The Solo package comes with 1 Website Hosting, 10 Email Accounts, 1GB SSD Disc Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Website Builder, Control Panel + 1 Click Installer, WordPress Optimized, and 3 MySQL DBs.

If you choose a monthly subscription, the Prime plan costs Rs. 650/ each month, and a three-year membership saves you 70%. On a three-year subscription, the Prime plan costs Rs. 195/mo. The Prime package includes 1 Website Hosting, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited SSD Disc Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Website Builder, Control Panel with 1 Click Installer, WordPress Optimized, and an unlimited number of MySQL DBs.

On a monthly basis, the Multi plan costs Rs. 850/mo. A three-year membership costs Rs. 225 each month.

Unlimited Websites, 1 Free Domain, Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited SSD Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Website Builder, Control Panel + 1 Click Installer, WordPress Optimized, and Unlimited MySQL DBs are included in the Multi plan.

Features Offered by MilesWeb on All the Shared Hosting Plans:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Site Builder
  • SSD Storage
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • Control Panel
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Latest PHP & MySQL
  • Datacenter Choice
  • Malware Scan and Removal

Finally, MilesWeb has 39,032+ clients that trust the firm since it gives the greatest service to its consumers. Aside from that, MilesWeb provides the most cost-effective web hosting options. They are the top host in India since they offer the most dependable and cost-effective hosting services.

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