Is there any app or tool to download Facebook videos?


Some Facebook videos are intriguing. Marketing and placement are commonplace activities on Facebook, as well. Most of these promotional contents are available in videos. Saving these videos can be useful for future references.

However, the inbuilt option does not allow us to download video media. This could be a big reason for vexation for Facebook users.

FastVid offers the solution you seek so vehemently. It is an app for android users. For Windows, Mac OS and iOS users, is the alternative.

How to use FastVid?

All you need to do is copy the link of the video you wish to download, paste it in the FastVid URL column and click on download.

Where to locate the videos?

If you wish to watch the videos, you can find them in the video MP4 player app in your device. In Windows laptops and desktops, you may have to browse to the downloads folder from your video player software.

To locate the videos physically, maybe to share, delete or edit them, go to downloads.

Is the app or website service free?

Due to the unmatched utility of FastVid, some people assume that it is a paid service. However, that is not the case. You can download videos from the website or app without paying anything. Therefore, there is no subscription or per-instance payment required.

To conclude

FastVid is the ultimate and free Facebook video saver for any laptop, desktop or smartphone.

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