Ideas for Making Marketing Campaigns More Understandable


Companies try to reach as many customers as possible when planning a marketing campaign. Making everyone in the community feel welcome is an important part of this strategy.

People with disabilities are an important population to remember. Companies should prioritize accessibility when planning how to reach people with varying levels of skill or disabilities.

There must be representation, a well-thought-out plan, and information that is simple to understand for digital accessibility through marketing. Here are some ideas for how businesses can make their marketing campaigns easier to understand.

Marketing Requires Accessibility.

Marketing to potential customers with a wide range of skills is both the right and smart thing to do. People may want to visit or work with a company that provides equal access to its content.

The law also requires that marketing be easily accessible. Title III of the ADA is in charge of the majority of businesses. This title implies that people should not be mean to one another in public. This section of the law typically refers to physical barriers, but it also applies to government-sponsored websites.

Most websites that list business locations or contact information work in this manner. Target and the National Federation of the Blind had a case in 2006 that demonstrated this was possible. Target’s website was deemed a “gateway” to its stores by the courts because it was linked to its stores.

From The Start, Accessibility Should Be A Top Priority.

It is critical to plan carefully in the early stages of a marketing campaign in order to meet the needs of potential customers who may want to buy. Plans aren’t always made with accessibility in mind, which can lead to issues down the road. It is more likely that something will be missed or forgotten if accessibility is quickly checked off a list after the campaign is over.

The term “disability” refers to a wide range of conditions, abilities, and experiences. Marketing teams, for example, must consider how to include people with varying levels of vision, intelligence, and mobility issues in their campaign strategies.

Accessibility strategies should be implemented as soon as possible to ensure that no one is excluded.

Product Marketing and Easy-to-Find Ad Content

Making marketing accessible entails ensuring that advertisements and product descriptions can be read. Companies can accomplish this by sending text messages with an easy-to-read font, an easy-to-read color scheme, and good color contrast. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines can assist businesses in ensuring the accessibility of their digital content (WCAG).

The WCAG specifies how many colors should be in the foreground and how many should be in the background. To make ads more accessible, use clear and concise language, an easy-to-navigate landing page, and text alternatives.

Marketing teams should pay close attention to how their advertisements look as well as how they describe their products. When a customer sees a website ad or opens a marketing email, the goal is for them to click to learn more. When writing about a product, use inclusive language to encourage people to buy it.

How Advertisements Show What They’re Selling

When developing a marketing campaign, a company should strive to make all potential customers feel as though they are a part of it. Before sending out designs, a marketing team should consider who will receive them and what they like.

Everyone, including disabled people, must be represented. People with disabilities may feel more welcome and as if you care about them if you include them in your advertisements. This could bring in more customers and pay off any investment.

You may lose potential customers if you do not have any salespeople. An Australian activist started a petition to make dating apps easier to use at the beginning of 2022. Her petition requests that dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble display advertisements for disabled people.

Pledges That Include Everything

The simplest way for a company to create a marketing campaign that works for everyone is to declare openness in public. A company’s brand is frequently built around a variety of products that can be used in a variety of ways.

Lego is an example of such a company. Lego began promoting a line of Braille Bricks in the year 2020. According to Lego’s press release page, “LEGO Braille Bricks introduces a fun and engaging way for blind or low-vision children to learn the braille system and develop tactile skills.”

This dedication to assisting people of various abilities is beneficial to both the company and potential customers. By making this product more accessible to people with disabilities, the company has gained more customers and a better reputation, both of which are beneficial to business.

Also, the people who might buy Legos are winners. Young people who are blind or have difficulty seeing can now play a game that they previously could not. Kids with different abilities can feel thought of and included thanks to this product and the company’s commitment to inclusion.

Using Quality Logic to Market with Accessibility in Mind

You’re becoming less common if you’ve never met anyone with a disability. Disability now affects almost everyone in some way, either directly or indirectly. This group of people has a variety of needs, and it can be difficult to think of ways to meet them all. However, there are groups that have made it easier than ever to contact this group! When you begin marketing to a target market that includes people with disabilities, you open the door to more market dollars and demonstrate to other marketers how simple it is to incorporate accessibility into their own marketing plans.

Many people are intimidated by the jargon, rules, and guidelines for assisting people with disabilities to navigate the digital world. However, we now have technology that is just waiting to be used to provide more opportunities for disabled people. Take a chance today and learn how to make your business digitally accessible and reach a group of people who are just waiting to be discovered. Learn more about QualityLogic’s one-of-a-kind solution and starter kit by clicking here.

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