Bee Booster


Android phones will lose performance, memory and battery life over time. Most of the time issue was software not hardware. Way you use your phone affect performance, memory and battery life. It is important to manage phone internal storage, apps and other tasks in order to have healthy phone. Most of you does not know how to do that. Don’t worry. There are many Android optimizing apps like Bee Booster to help you out.

It is important to remove unwanted apps and games. Because unused apps also use memory, RAM and other resources of your phone. Those apps run background tasks to push notifications, updates, news and more. That helps to quickly boost performance and increase storage space. You may experience that deleting apps and files may not release expected amount of storage space. That is due to junks. Junks are hard to remove manually. Because you may end up deleting important files of apps or system. It may cause malfunctions and system errors. Apps like Bee Booster, NOX Cleaner can easily identify junks on your phone and remove them.

Below shows some features of this application. You can download this application directly from Google Play Store. For that open play store application and go to search. Type “bee booster”. You will see this application on search results. Select and install it. For device without play store can use third party app stores like AC Market. AC Market offers all most all apps on play store and apps and games not available on play store for free.

Features of Bee Booster

Phone Booster –Closing and blocking all unnecessary processers to speed up your phone.

Junk Cleaner – This feature will remove junks to free up storage. Junks including cache files, residuals, unwanted files remained after system updates, app data from uninstalled apps, and more. Removing junks helps to have healthy storage which may cause to boost performance too.

CPU Cooler – Detect CPU intensive apps and processers. Blocking or closing them to reduce CPU temperature. That helps you to watch videos and other content for much longer without getting your phone hot. That helps to have longer battery life.

Notification blocker –All most every application push notification about new updates, features and more. As a result, you may miss important notifications. You can easily block all those annoying and unwanted notifications using notification blocker feature on Bee Cleaner.

App Manger – Use this app manager to identify rarely used and never used apps on your phone. Remove them to free storage and boost performance easily.

You can install Android performance boosters on Android TV boxes too. Make sure to use external mouse or gamepad for optimum usage. Use app stores like FileSynced to install Bee Booster on your Android TV BOX.

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