How To Manage Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets?


Microsoft Excel is an essential business tool. Some find this inoperative because of their ignorance. Once they know about the wonder this tool can do to their business and other kinds of stuff, I’m sure they’ll be wondered! Excel allows us to effortlessly manage and illustrates tables of data. It provides technological advantages while you are analyzing tremendous of data and timesheet templates. Do check out unprotect excel sheet

Excel Tips And Tricks :

  • Select all cells in a spreadsheet: If you want to reformat your font or make other swapping changes to your excel worksheet. Click on the black square in the upper left corner to select all the cells in the workbook. Clicking on the box will feature all the cells in the document, even the empty cells.
  • Copy a spreadsheet from one workbook to another:
    • Go to your source worksheet the one you want to copy.
    • Open your desired worksheet where you want to copy it. This can either be a new or existing sheet.
    • Right-click on the sheet you want to copy, and select “move or copy” from the menu that’s shown in the list.
    • From the shown menu, choose where you want to move your worksheet.
  • Add multiple rows or columns:
    • Select two rows or you can choose as many rows as needed.
    • Right-click and choose insert from the menu that shows below.
    • Your new rows will appear above the row you selected.
  • Filter data:
  • Select the Data tab, then select Filter to give each column its choosable dropdown menu.
  • Select one, and you can sort data in different ways.
  • Your new rows will appear above the row you selected.
  • Copy figures from one worksheet to another in the same worksheet:
  • This one is easy, all you have to do is to copy and paste the column you want.
  • Transpose columns and rows:
  • Select the data and copy it by using the shortcut key ( Ctrl+C ).
  • Choose the cell where you want to copy, then right-click on the drop-down menu. From the menu, click Paste Special…
  • From Paste Special menu, select the Transpose checkbox, then click OK.
  • The data will snap with rows as columns and columns as rows.

Essential shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl Z: This undoes the last action you took.
  • Ctrl Shift up or down arrow: Selects all the cells directly above or below. It won’t select empty cells.
  • Shift F11: Create a new workbook.
  • Ctrl D: Duplicate data in the cell below.
  • Ctrl W: Close your workbook.
  • Alt + H,A, C: Center align cell contents.
  • Alt + H,D, C: Delete an entire column.
  • Ctrl+ spacebar: Select an entire column.
  • Shift + F2: Insert a note.
  • ALT+=: Automatically sum all the cells selected.

Your journey towards using Excel and developing your management starts with the first column and will keep going for years as you keep learning the advanced functionalities of Excel. Keep Excelling!

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