Application Platforms


Application platforms are designed to provide users with navigation and download of available applications, games, movies, and more. Bigo live knows that the two most popular online stores are Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

1) Google Play

Google Play, formerly known as Android Market, a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. Google Play is the official app store for the Android operating system.

It provides users with the ability to browse and download apps, music, rent, and purchase movies and e-books developed with Google’s Android software development kit (SDK) and third-party developers.

Google Play is the central point for downloading and installing apps on Android devices without changing the device’s app configuration.

2) Firefox Marketplace

The Firefox Marketplace, the official store of applications for Firefox OS devices, stores this resource application designed for the Firefox web platform.

The Mozilla organization is an open, non-proprietary online marketplace launched in 1998 by the Netscape Communications Group members.

Using standard web technologies, languages ​​, and tools, Firefox Marketplace allows you to publish Open Web Apps.

Mozilla products include the Firefox browser, Firefox OS mobile operating system, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, Gecko layout engine, Chat Zilla, Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups, Bugzilla bug tracking system, Chat Zilla, and many more.

3) Ovi (Nokia)

Ovi by Nokia, formally known as Nokia Ovi Suite. Applications for Nokia users to connect their devices with Microsoft Windows. Nokia Ovi Suite is the brand of Nokia Internet services. Ovi services can be used from a mobile device, computer with Ovi Suite, or via the web.

Nokia focused primarily on five main service areas, such as games, maps, media, messaging, and music. The open service was previously acquired by Nokia but was consequently acquired by Microsoft Mobile.

In addition, it allows Nokia users to add new applications, games, music, just as Apple and RIM allow iPhone and BlackBerry owners to do.

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