7 Best Apps toHelp You Get Organized


Keeping yourself organized is often easier said than done. However, thanks to modern-day technologies and the introduction of mobile apps, this can be accomplished rather easily. There are a plethora of mobile apps that can help you maintain a neat and organized professional or personal life for yourself.

We took it upon ourselves to discuss some of these very apps. The list includes some of the best storage, formatting, and documentation solutions that you may need in your daily life. All you need is an internet like Optimum internet to help you download them and you are good to go. Let’s get started.


Due to the prevailing pandemic of COVID-19, many of you might still be working from homes. And we all know that working from home is no easy feat; it comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most prominent of which is not being able to manage your time efficiently.

Focus is a neat app on Apple’s App Store that helps its users efficiently manage their overall schedules. The app breaks your total working schedule into sections of 25 minutes each. After each section is completed, it reminds you to take a brief but well-deserved break in order to recharge your mind and body.


It is quite easy to forget small yet important bits of information in our hectic lives. In times like these, you need assistance from apps like Evernote to help document and access information that may be otherwise forgotten.

Evernote features an easy-to-understand layout that enables you to store information in the form of documents, spreadsheets, receipts, snippets and much more. No matter how small of a task you may have, you can rely on Evernote to help you remember it.


Our smartphones today serve as our personal diaries where we can store all sorts of personal and private information for access in the future. With all this information, there comes a time when the abundance of images, videos, and more is way too hard to sort through.

Slidebox is a phenomenal app that organizes your whole libraries in order to improve your interaction with all the load of information you may have. The app organizes your images and videos and automatically removes unwanted files to free up storage space.

Google Drive

With great cameras in our hands thanks to smartphones we have a huge number of photos and videos that we would like to save forever.  However, it is not always a good idea to keep all of them in your phone because one there isn’t enough space and what if your phone crashes or gets stolen?

Fortunately, there are apps like Google Drive to cater to our needs. For those who do not know, Google Drive is a cloud storage service where you can upload your personal files so that you may access them from anywhere and anytime in the future. The service offers a decent amount of storage capacity that can be increased by acquiring a paid subscription.


As much as it is important to organize your professional lives, your personal lives also deserve the same attention. FamilyWall is an exceptional app that helps you keep track of your family members in a big household.

The app features a home management system that all family members can benefit from. It features shared family calendars, messaging systems, location systems, grocery lists and so much more. It is a great way to communicate with your family members and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Now that our lives are digital we have a huge load of passwords to memorize. We all have more than one email addresses, then there are apps, bank accounts and a lot more accounts whose passwords we need to remember. And often we mix all of them or forget them, and lets all agree that resetting passwords each time is a huge hassle.

LastPass is a remarkable app that allows you to enjoy the convenience of keeping all important passwords in one safe place, secured by one Master Password. All you have to do is remember just one password without worryingabout mixing up different passwords every time.

Smart Receipts

We all are guilty of taking a receipt and just throwing it in our wallets, only to lose it later. And then at the end of the month we keep fumbling to find out where all our money went. These receipts not only help you keep track of your expenses, but also help you file your taxes, but it you lose them you can say goodbye to refunds.

Smart Receipts is a revolutionary mobile app that allows you to scan all hard copies of your receipts and store them in one organized digital manner. This way, you won’t need to take care of every little receipt in a haphazard manner.

Summing It Up

Not everyone is a pro at keeping their calendars, documents, files and other valuable items organized. For such people, apps like these are there to make their lives significantly simpler and convenient.  So get these apps and make your lives easier than ever.

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