Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss the Benefits of Live Stream


Should you look for in-person or live streaming services for your business in Singapore? When you’re running one, there’s nothing like an exciting event coming up that can stir interest and get them talking. That’s why it’s one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Events are useful for marketing and promotions purposes. You can use them to simply reward or inform your employees. As a business owner, you won’t be able to avoid hosting events even earlier in your business’s lifespan.

Events can be small, like for certain departments or teams, internal as in company-wide conferences, or events involving people outside your company. Whatever the scale of your event, you need to put a lot of thought into it. But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to meet your guests in a venue to hold a spectacular event? With the rise of fast internet and video, live streaming services in Singapore have become very popular.

Nowadays, almost every sector in the industry is affected by live streaming. The recent pandemic has forced us into our homes and safe spaces because physically communicating with people is a huge risk. Even when things are getting back to normal, the ability to converse and interact with people from a distance remains useful.

You have two options to consider if you’re thinking of holding an event like company parties, formal meetings, or marketing promotions. Both in-person (or live) events and live streaming in Singapore have their upsides.

What’s the deal with in-person events?

In-person events are the go-to of many business owners when they plan something out. You can think of many advantages that in-person events have compared to virtual events. For one, there’s nothing that beats the experience of attending in person. You’ll be able to experience the full benefits of attending the event, such as catering, personal communication, accommodation, and more. You will also meet the event organisers and hosts personally and will have a more intimate experience than virtual attendees.

But there are also certain drawbacks to in-person events. For one, they are incredibly costly. You also have to rent venues, arrange transportation, look for credible catering services, and other event amenities. The organisation of your event might be a nightmare. Not only that, the likelihood of having a smaller turnout for an in-person event is greater. Not everyone who wishes to attend your event will be able to do so because of the location. If you want to avoid a majority of these problems, you should consider a virtual event platform in Singapore.

Don’t consider online streaming sites as an inferior second choice. In many cases, you might discover that virtual events are preferable to live events.

How live streaming is a great alternative


Hosting an event isn’t always possible, especially with the recent situation of the pandemic. A lot of us are already accustomed to remote working situations, and the transition back to onsite jobs is slow. If you plan to hold events nonetheless, you don’t just have to consider a live one. You can find the perfect live streaming services with the right features easily. You don’t need to stress a lot of details when organising your event!

Here are just some of the reasons why streaming events should be your first choice.

1) Online events are less costly. Imagine all the funds you put into renting expensive event venues and decorations, transportation for your guests and speakers, or snacks and refreshments to feed everyone. Online events are less costly overall because you can easily host the event remotely, with no need to look for venues big enough to contain your attendees. You can find a virtual event platform to host your event at a fraction of the cost of an in-person one.

2) You’ll have the chance to fit in more attendees. Do you expect a large turnout for your event? Live streaming might be the most effective option. Even the biggest event in the world is incomparable to the thousands of people you can host on a website. More people tuning in might help you make more profits, even if live stream tickets are cheaper.

3) They are more convenient for your attendees. Think about it– in-person events require you to get dressed and travel to the venue. The commute and effort it takes to go to a live event can deter people who don’t have the time and energy. Additionally, those who live far away from the location are physically unable to attend the event.

4) Live streaming platforms have many features. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, many platforms have advanced features for marketing analysis and attendance management. It’s easier to find and compile data about event attendees and use it for future business purposes. You should choose a live streaming site in Singapore that fits your needs as well. Some sites are also geared towards different types of online events, such as webinars, conferences, and more. They usually have specialised tools that allow these events to be more engaging.

5) An online event is safer than any in-person event. Live streaming is inherently safer than any type of in-person event. When you go to an event in person, you risk coming into health hazards or security risks. You might not know what will happen to you on-site. It will always be much safer behind a screen.

Live streaming has its uses. But if you still want to experience the joys of an in-person event, you can get the best of both worlds. A lot of companies like to merge aspects of in-person and online events by creating what is known as a “hybrid event.” Why not try incorporating a live stream first?

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