What Are The Types Of Network Security?


Today, network breach is considering one of the fastest growing forms of crime among many. It is assumed that the total cost of managing cyber damage is expected to reach 8 billion dollars by 2021. However, it is considering as the policy designed by the businesses to ensure the security of their property, including all traffic. This includes both software and hardware technology. Moreover, internet access is controlled by effective network security that addresses various threats and then prevents them from spreading or entering the network. However, our world is currently undergoing a digital transformation that transforms almost all of our daily life activities.

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All companies are responsible for protecting their networks if they want to provide their employees and clients with the services they need, like the CompTIA network+ 007 in Texas. Ultimately, it protects the image of the organization. As hackers become more intelligent day by day, the need to use an online security tool becomes more and more difficult. Over the last decade, the world has become more involved in the development of new Internet technologies. Also, our web addiction has reached an unimaginable level. Many personal, business and confidential information are stored on public networks. The importance of this intellectual information reflects the importance of online security in our lives.

Network Security

The network security system is determining as the purpose of computing security in order to ensure the safety of an organization’s assets, software as well as hardware. The term network-security also emphasizes control and unauthorized access, misuse and unnecessary changes to the system. It is an integration of several network security and protection laws. Thus the rules and controls apply to all network security regulations. However, authorized users are guaranteed access to the networks, but evil players are certainly prevented from threatening and exploiting them. On account of this, many adopted the credentials of Security plus certification in Texas to stay up-to-date.

Network security – Types

Following are a few different ways in order to protect the security of the network:


To prevent potential attackers from gaining access to your network, you need to add thorough rules to control user and device access. For example, servers can provide full Internet access but at the same time deviate the way to certain secret directors and disable the systems through accessing the Internet.

Anti – virus Software

Antivirusus, as well as software protection, defend organizations through a variety of malware, comprising malware, solvents, and bugs. Not only does the computer software system examine files as you access the Internet, but it also scans files continuously.

Fire-wall Security

Fire- walls, as the figure implies, plays a role as the obstruction among many unreliable and outer system along with the trust of the intranet. Decision-maker define a group of concept which is supposed to block and dependently allow network accumulation.


They are supposed to connect systems through the termination end or another page. Such as, home consumers link up the system of any agency through a proxy connection, V-P-N. This enables companies to quickly deploy V-P-Ns by dragging and protecting each location using our next-generation firewall.

Principles of Network Security

The concept of network security has three principles – confidentiality, integrity, and availability – sometimes referred to collectively as the trio of C-I-A. All the same, it is believed that the network connection can only be considered secure if it has all three components simultaneously. On the other hand, the purpose of confidentiality is to ensure that sensitive information is protected and removed from the general user. This is in line with the principle of accessibility, which aims to ensure that data and resources are accessible to those who have access to them. Access issues can be D-D-o-S attacks or device malfunction. Thus, the principle of integrity is to protect data from intentional or unintentional changes, so that the data is supposed to be tested, accurate and reliable.

On the other side, all network security decisions must aim to promote at least one of these principles. Why are these network security concepts are considered to be so important? So the answer is that the cyber attacks are on the rise these days. All the same, in a recent positive technology report, it has shown that the government agencies and welfare agencies are becoming the major targets of the hackers nowadays. Though the report also showed that more than half of the cybercriminals are supposed to target and theft of data and that 45.5% of cyber attacks against individuals and 32.5% of cyber attacks against organizations contributed to financial gain. Therefore, an organization must consider the credentials of security plus certification in Texas while hiring people.

As far as our world becomes more digital, we increasingly trust the Internet and networks in our daily work life. However, this requires that the Internet and the network provide us with reliable and secure services. But as our personal and sensitive information is more stored in electronic archives and collection, hackers are turning to networks. Therefore business concerns start working on CompTIA network+ 007 in Texas in order to avoid such hacks cross wisely.

The demand for Network Security

All the same, it is considered that internet usage has increased significantly as we even transform our daily activities into a completely digital transformation. Thus the increased internet usage will also make hackers and attackers more active, and our network will be more prone to more viral attacks. Essentially, the need for network security is basically twofold, firstly protecting data from unauthorized access, and secondly the security of data stored on a computer or laptop, not only on individual networks but also on shared networks or the public.

Network Security Significance

All the same, it is believed that modern organizations and businesses need to understand the importance of network security. Whether it’s management, start-ups, small businesses or international businesses, network security should play an equally important role for them. Network security breaches can cause all kinds of irreparable damage, so organizations should be aware of the importance of network and push their work-forces to obtain network security plus certification in Texas, and likewise attain the credentials of network+ 007 in Texas by means of staying secure. However, businesses need to update their systems regularly, especially as hackers discover new security holes in security networks and provide new ways to gain access to unauthorized networks.

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