What are the Different Types of Printers Popular for Best Use?


There are three basic types of printers such as laser printers, inkjet printers and special-purpose printers which are used to print invoices and receipts. However, these three types of printers are based on the printing characteristics of printers, and as far as designs, shapes, sizes, functioning as well as purposes are concerned, you can find varieties of printers in the market especially in the specialized stores such as 123ink.ca to choose the best that is appropriate for your purpose and perform exactly the way you need.

The inkjet printers are more preferred by individual home users which are considered economic along with high performance in terms of printing high-quality printing of text document and images both of colour and black and white printing. The inkjet printers function through a print head comprising nozzles which sprays ink to the paper from the cartridges. The cartridge of the inkjet printers has two cartridges at the minimum, one with black ink and then another with tri-colour inks such as cyan, yellow and magenta coloured inks. You can also find inkjet printers which have separate cartridges for these three colours of inks. In spite of their lower price, the inkjet printers are capable of printing high-quality images as well as photos between an average of 300 and 600 dots per inch and often even more or higher.

The benefits of inkjet printers as specified earlier are affordable by individual home users but without compromising the quality of the printout. The inkjet printers give quicker outputs in comparison to other printers especially while printing black and white text documents. However, when it comes to printing images, the inkjet printer is usually slower than the laser printer especially while printing colour images. In addition to this, as with regards to colour printing, the inkjet printer involves a lot of expenditure in terms of refilling the colour inks.

The laser printers are available in colour versions as well as monochrome and are popularly used by people who need bulk printing. The laser printers do not use inks like the inkjet rather use a powder form of cartridges called toner. These powder form of toner is further melted through a complicated process to provide colours as well as printing in the laser printer. The special-purpose printers are mostly used for commercial purposes such as for printing invoices and receipts and use several kinds of printers like dot-matrix, thermal printers etc.

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