Variety of industries where drone pilots can build a career


Usually the young individuals face the dilemma of choosing to become a doctor, engineer, or an entrepreneur. However, at present there exist a number of career options that are intriguing and provide attractive financial returns. One popular skill which will open doors to numerous industries is knowledge of flying a drone.

Being a drone pilot can be immensely helpful for building a career in real estate, film making, photography, agriculture and so much more. But before you make your mind about the industry in which you want to flourish, it is important to learn about the process as to how to become a FAA certified drone pilot.

A brief about the certification for drone pilot:

Just when you search using the keywords ‘how do I become a certified drone pilot’, you will get several links providing useful information. In order to become a certified drone pilot one must be 16 years old or above. Knowing how to read, write and speak English is another criteria. And most importantly, being physically and mentally fit is essential.

If you fulfill these three basic criterias, you are then eligible to go through the process of training and testing your drone flying skill. In order to get hold of the certification for drone pilot, you must possess both theoretical and practical knowledge about drone flying.

Now once you get your certification, you are halfway through the path of exploring commercial drone flying options. Just being a drone pilot gives you credibility. With your license in hand you can fly drones without the fear of getting into any legal troubles. Additionally you become eligible to fly drones in the Class G Airspace. It also gives you the access to fly within 5 miles of the airport. However to fly near the airport you need an additional permission from the air traffic control.

Multiple industries to explore:

Post getting the certification for drone pilot, you can build a flourishing career in numerous fields, such as:

  • Real estate – With drones coming into existence, the real estate industry is going through a revolutionary phase. The unmanned aircraft vehicle is helping real estate people to expand their customers. Drones help in providing a 3 dimensional view of the whole property to people residing in far off cities. They also give an idea about the locality, thereby making the property selection a feasible task. The aerial stills and video also make a part of the marketing material for any real estate dealer. 
  • Construction – Be it construction or mining industry, even a small negligence can wreak havoc. This constant surveillance requires the manager to be present on site for months. However, with the help of drones, the construction and mining industry leaders are now saving a lot of money. The drone pilots become survey incharge and provide real time information to the team sitting in the office. In this manner, the construction company possesses all the information about inventory, workers, and so much more.
  • Filmmaking – Watching an aerial scene was never popular in television series. The big budget pictures were the only ones providing beautiful aerial scenes. But with the existence of drone pilots, the filmmaking is witnessing a significant shift. Be it low budget movies or television series, the producers are now getting the freedom to explore beautiful aerial shots. For anyone who wants to get into filmmaking, knowing how to fly drones and being good with videography is the best option.
  • Journalism – Being able to see the damage done by floods or watching live speech by the prime minister in a rally was never a common thing for a long time. In the field of journalism, there is a huge economic and informational advantage present with those who are providing the live news. Nowadays, the drone pilots are becoming the people who help news reporters in providing a detailed view of the location where any major happening occurs.
  • Agriculture – Educating a farmer can lead to exponential growth of a country like India. With the help of drone pilots, the farmers are getting access to vital information that helps in improving their crop production. The drone becomes a mode of surveillance for farmers to identify the area of field that requires greater attention. This timely information helps in saving the crops and improving the overall production quality.
  • Insurance – It may sound weird but the drone pilots are playing a key role for the insurance companies. Everytime someone asks for a claim for property damage, the insurance company can now get a detailed view of the property. They do not have to send an insurance inspector for surveys. The drones are therefore reducing time for claim payments and inspection of property. 

Final note:

To conclude, sometimes opting for the road less traveled gives you access to wonderful opportunities. By being a drone pilot you will be the first few individuals entering into this industry for commercial purposes. Having the first mover benefit will help you in becoming a leader when it comes to drone flying. 

So if you are still thinking about the best career option, then make sure you give a serious thought to becoming a drone pilot.

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