Types of Maps in League of Legends (Lol) begin


League of Legends has a variety of playable characters, maps, weapons and other items that can be customized as per users needs and make the game exciting and more interesting. The game started with a few maps and now with time, it has several maps that represent different terrains and different environment. These are visually stunning and have been made practically to make the rank fight look more realistic. The designing team has been able to pull off some amazing maps in the last few years which has got the players and fan more excited about the game. Due to this player have even started using lol boosting service to achieve an added advantage in this game.

Type of Maps in Lol

In Lol, the maps are known as Fields of Justice instead of their individual names. These fields are selected by the team to fight in and be victorious. The maps contain 2 teams with equal players on each side and lanes through which enemy can travel. The lanes are used to connect both the team through which the forces from one team can attack the other. As for defense, turrent have been provided to both the team that cannot be brought back once destroyed in gameplay. Inhibitors are also present in the field which respawn after every few minutes. Maps are very interesting and based on the concepts of the jungle with monster camps. Monsters can be killed and once killed will provide you with gold as a reward. The game also has areas where the team can hide from the line of sight of the enemy.

List of fields in the Map


  • Summoner’s Rift – This is a big map that includes 3 lanes and 5 players in each team
  • The Twisted Tree-line – This is smaller maps as compared to the other maps and only allow 3 players to play from each team


  • The Crystal Scar – The gameplay of this map is a little faster than others and also support 5 players on each team.

ARAM (All Random – All Middle)

  • The Howling Abyss – This is very similar to classic mode. This field does not have the setup of a jungle and includes only one lane


  • Magma Chamber;
  • Proving Grounds.

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