Top 8 Common Mistakes In Organizing Remote Work in 2020 


With a whole plethora of remote jobs propping up these day, there are promises of improving productivity and also engaging employees in the right fashion.  Every company is doing their best especially the HR expert at Draft Beyond is taking the right steps to ensure optimal efficiency, work productivity combined with leadership and employee satisfaction.

Last minute writing tools and equipment helps to manage remote employees. It is truly going to be a profitable proposition in the long run.  However, it is of essence that corporates refrain from making these top 8 common mistakes when it comes to organization and managing the remote work in the current year.

  1. Erratic and unreliable Practices

Make sure to have consistency, open communication, setting the right policies when it comes to managing remote teams.  Managing the time zone requirements by adhering to one to one calls will help have better clarity.

  1. Remaining Incommunicado

Just because your employees or remote working, doesn’t mean they are no longer a part of the office set up. Keep communicating with them at regular intervals and also remotely monitor their tasks, upcoming events and deadlines.

  1. Choice of the right Platforms

Choosing free tools of communication like kicidler, zoom, slack, whatsapp and skype help since many of them may be accessed by your employees as well. If not, then make sure to train them on using these communication platforms

  1. 4. Confusing with regards to the Technological Requirements

The proper internet bandwidth, VPN, security protocols and video tools with equip your employees to work efficiently even if it is remote.

  1. Assumption with regards that leaders control

Not all issues can be handled by the leaders who remote control, at times only the top management may be able to resolve issues.  It is of essence to give some tips to the leaders to ensure that they are on the same PAGE and are able to give their hundred percent.

  1. Muddled clarity when explaining tasks

There needs to be clarity when it comes to explaining tasks to employees. Always exercise openness when it comes to discussing issues with your staff. Effective structure and strategy work wonders.

  1. Refrain from overdoing managing of tasks

Few ways to keep tab include checking for updates, going through workers reports and monitoring their regular work activities helps but do not overdo it.  Micromanaging is not a healthy way of monitoring staff.

  1. Rigidity

Work ethics and effectual communication is necessary.  Makes sure to schedule times so that everyone is on their desktops more or less in the same time frame.

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