VPN is a widely used term these days. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about VPN and the actual mechanism, that it works upon. VPN stands for Virtual private network, it is like a tunnel that encrypts your data and masks the user’s IP, location, and all other crucial data. Still, the question which remains unanswered is how VPN can achieve such encryption. How does it actually work? Is it even safe to use VPN? It is necessary to use a VPN? And a lot more.

How does a VPN provide security?

For understanding the security benefits of a VPN and how they are achieved you must understand a few things first. Every device that browses through the internet has a unique ID that differentiates it from the other and that is called an IP address. An IP address is very similar to your home address as it is unique to your device only, apart from the fact that it’s only numbers. Along with that every Website also has a unique IP address. Whenever you type a website name in your browser you request you your Internet service provider to connect you to that particular website. You send this request in the form of packets which consist of various information such as your IP, location, password, etc. This information is very valuable to hackers as it provides your devices’ IP, location, etc.

Suppose you are sitting in a cafe and you are using the public wi-fi to check your bank account or your important company mails, a person sitting at the next table, can simply see the data whatever you are watching, your emails, passwords, bank details, etc. Simply by logging into the public network. This will not be the case if you are using a VPN service. A VPN creates a tunnel, that encrypts your data that you are sending and receiving. The VPN encrypts your data in such a form that it is impossible for the hackers to get actual information out of that encrypted data. A VPN also makes it hard to hack in, but still, it is possible, however even if they will they won’t be able to read anything out of it. Thus, the VPN proves to be a lot useful in terms of privacy, security, and anonymity.

It is highly recommendable for everyone using the internet to use a renowned VPN like NordVPN, especially if you are using a public network or a network that you do not trust.

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