5 Horrible Things You May Find on the Dark Net


The internet, to some it’s a place of work and to some a source of recreations. But what is common in all of these people is that we all share some of our information on the internet. We are all guilty of accepting terms without reading them and signing into platforms with our mail ID’s just for free stuff. This can sometimes lead to is a misuse of our information.

With the recent infamous scares of the Dark Web, users are more cautious each day. This like the red room deep web has enabled the circulation of illicit content. Some users are very aware of this fact and use the internet wisely. But it is extremely hard to educate such a large mass about so many adverse effects of data misuse. One such place where data abuse is high is the Dark Web.

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web is certain sections of the internet that are not accessible to the whole world. There are pages and sites that you cannot find from a simple Google search. These require adequate tech knowledge or applications to get into. There are mostly used for illegal activities, exchange of sensitive information or any such actions that could be objected by a country’s laws. Software called Tor is one such application that lets you gain access to the dark web. In layperson’s terms, the dark web is the underworld of the internet.

How does this affect a common user?

If there is one thing that the internet has managed to gain from users is our data. We all share our information on the internet for various reasons. Be it social media websites or a shopping website. We share not just our info, but also details of our credit cards, passwords, bank details and much more. Most websites we share such data on are usually safe and protected by many layers of a firewall. However, there is always a threat of data leaks on websites that are more unreliable.

Following are some of the horrible things you can find on the dark net:

  1. Selling Pornography: Platforms such as pinkmeth are popular sites where pornography and nudes were sold. However, it has been seized by the FBI since 2014.
  2. Red Room: These platforms are famous for offering explicit content where other individuals are either harmed or touched on requests of the visitors.
  3. Various Drugs: Various types of drugs are available on the dark net.
  4. Trafficking: Prostitution and trafficking are popular practices on the dark net.
  5. Fake Passport: You can also visit platforms that offer the services of making fake passports that are usually utilized by terrorist organizations.

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