Stepping up cybersecurity: 7 easy steps for small businesses!


Numerous security breaches and increasing data thefts have forced businesses to take cybersecurity as their top concern. No company is immune to cyberattacks. Smaller companies and growing businesses are probably more vulnerable, because they don’t spend as much on cybersecurity, and yet, these organizations are constantly gathering sensitive data. To add to that, small businesses don’t have the money for chasing hackers, or do the necessary damage control. From combining IP video surveillance with advanced software from brands like Genetec, to using specific software to prevent malware and ransomware attacks, there are varied ways to enhance cybersecurity.  Check out cyber security course in hyderabad to know more.

In this post, we are sharing the top tips for stepping up cybersecurity, specifically for small businesses. 

  1. Make everyone responsible. Containing your cybersecurity practices and policies in folders and glossy documents will have no use, unless people get involved. Ensure that you are holding everyone responsible for their actions, roles and responsibilities. 
  2. Get cybersecurity experts. Are your employees aware of things like social engineering? Do you have BYOD & WFH policies in place? Are your managers aware of the steps to be taken following a security incident? If not, get cybersecurity experts on board to streamline everything. 
  3. Update everything. This is probably one of the simplest cybersecurity steps that any company can take. Just update all software, firmware, apps and programs to the latest versions, so that backdoor entry and hacking attempts can be prevented. 
  4. Focus on password creation and protection. Ensure that employees are aware of how to create long, strong, and complex passwords, and guide them further on using a password management tool. 
  5. Check privilege users. Access management is another aspect of cybersecurity that cannot be denied. Whether it is about IP cameras, or your accounting software, watch for who has access to what, and don’t forget the privilege users. 
  6. Test your networks. Many companies now have dedicated teams to test network resources, so that security vulnerabilities can be found and patched. Make sure that testing is done regularly, and records are maintained. 
  7. Keep up the learning curve. If you want to prevent cyberattacks, you need to learn from the mistakes of others. Watch for recent cybersecurity issues and breaches, and how different companies and brands are handling their response. It’s the proactive approach, which takes cybersecurity to the next level. 

Finally, don’t shy away from taking tough calls. When someone is causing deliberate or unintentional issues in your cybersecurity measures, take necessary action.  Visit cyber security course in bangalore to apply now.

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