Recycled Rubber Bumpers As An Eco-Friendly Option


Recycled rubber bumpers Rubber, also called rubber, is a material used by modern industry to make plastic products such as toys, balls, etc. It is an elastic polymer (so-called molecules that makeup chains of different shapes) that is water repellent and has electrical resistance. The origin of the word comes from the Nahuatl language and is native to Central America and Mexico.

Today thousands of rubber articles are made for very different uses. The rubber is widely used to manufacture tires, rims, waterproof, and insulated articles for its excellent elasticity and resistance to acids and alkalis. It is water repellent, insulating from temperature and electricity.

The raw material’s origin to make the speed bumps Unimat is obtained from the recycling of tires that would almost always be taken to landfills. In this way, it helps to prevent pollution from increasing due to the burning of these tires.

Technological development and the industrial revolution in Europe was the cause that made natural rubber a desired product in the world market, causing a high demand that increased its price.

Currently, one of the main problems in our society is the production and disposal of waste. Thousands of tons of tire rubber are generated around the world by increased vehicle use. The final placement of used tires has been in sanitary landfills in the form of piles in the open air, creating health problems, risk of fire, in addition to collaborating with global warming.

The recycling of this material and precisely to manufacture rubber buffers contribute to the reuse of many tires used in the world.

Its decomposition process is very slow, and due to its high elasticity, it prevents its compaction.

The Rubber Is A Highly Polluting Agent Because:

  • Burning tires produces gases that are harmful to health.
  • Placing this material in deposits creates sources of infection and respiratory and nervous diseases.
  • For this reason, some ways of reusing the tire were investigated to respect the environment.

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