Integrate Video Marketing Into Overall Marketing Plan


Videos are no longer a marketing medium that old school marketers should ignore, and should become an important part in the overall digital marketing funnel. Big brands and small businesses can make good use of video marketing, and produce results. But why have videos become more important than ever?

On social media including Facebook and Instagram, video is a medium that would quickly spread i.e. Depending on the actual content in the videos, the viral effect can be tremendous. Even on other social sites such as Twitter, Reddit, etc, videos have been working well. And we have not even mentioned the largest video search engine Youtube.

Videos can be a great tool for salespersons in the entire customer buying journey, especially with B2B products/services. With videos, the sales team can increase engagement from the prospects. Furthermore, videos can be applied to the user onboarding process of a product.

Brand/marketing videos, demo videos, how-to videos, explainer videos, customer case study videos, etc are only a few types of examples of videos. Before planning and producing the actual video, the best practices for marketers should be to first get answers to the following questions:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the end goal?
  • What is the video production budget?
  • When is the video production due?
  • What are the special requirements in terms of creative?
  • Where will the video be marketed?

The downside is that to create a video, it takes time. It is not only the tech equipment. These days taking a video on a phone has become easier, and you can even do the required editing on your phone before posting the final version of your edited videos. In some cases, it does take longer to produce a video, especially when the nature of the videos are educational e.g. The videos are a set of academic courses.

To leverage the tremendous marketing effect from videos, marketers should still continue with their usual internet marketing activities including search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (e.g. Google Ads optimization and remarketing campaigns), social media advertising (e.g. Facebook Ads), and more when marketing budget is allowed.

Content marketing and email marketing should not be forgotten, and should always be part of the entire marketing plan. Content marketing when it is done right, would boost your brand’s industry authority, and in some specific cases may be a great tool to educate the audience/market. Email marketing is often a very important tool to retain the old customers of a brand. Through the proper email marketing communication, marketers can build up a list of loyal customers.

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