How To Use Video Box To Put Your Products In Front Of Customers


No matter what niche you’re in, gaining customers is one of your biggest challenges. Thankfully, you can make the most of various technologies and creative trends to get in front of your customers. One thing worth trying is a video box.

How Video Boxes Work

You might have heard about a video brochure — a rechargeable, reloadable, and reusable brochure fitted with an LCD screen and a speaker. Video boxes take the concept to a higher notch.

It’s a box with the same features but has extra space for your products. See it in action and watch this video.

Why Sending A Video Mailer Makes Total Sense

Marketing and sales tools that utilize video attracts instant attention — whether that video is seen by the audience online or in tangible material like a video brochure.

Given that direct mails have a median return on investment of 29%, combining the video and direct mailing benefits is something that any business owners should contemplate.

Video mailers offer these advantages:

They are easy to customize, allowing your branding to shine

They are more noticeable than other print materials

They get your message across

They make the recipient feel extra special

They generate higher response rates

Gain Customers The Innovative Way

A video box is a special kind of video mailer because it sends your actual product to the recipient. The accompanying video can be used in various ways.

As a how-to and FAQ guide

As a showcase of compelling testimonials

As a peek into the product’s behind-the-scenes

Video boxes are especially helpful when launching a brand-new product. Read this testimonial from Scott Williams, who works as a marketing manager: “After launching the product, we received a tidal wave of inquiries, over 60 calls/emails in just the first two weeks requesting more information about our company and how they can sign up to become a distributor of ours.”

One of their new distributors said: “I have received a lot of these types of packages in the past, but none like yours. The video brochure was so well done that after watching the video I felt compelled to call to find out more about your company.”

With a video box, you can even make your recipients your own brand ambassadors because this type of packaging is utterly unique.

People who receive it will be enticed to share it with their family and friends. They could even take a video of themselves unboxing the box and trying out your product.

One of the trends that have taken over the internet is unboxing — and it has benefitted several business owners. According to a Google Consumer Survey, 1 in 5 consumers surveyed watched such videos during their purchasing journey.

Get FREE Samples From A Pioneering Video Box Company

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