How to Implement Remote Team Monitoring At Your Company?


Being a business owner, you would have some reservations and thoughts regarding the remote work. And the most important thing that you would have to make sure is that the remote workers are working properly. So, the best method of ensuring that the work is going on smoothly and in the designated process is to use computer time tracking and monitoring software.

Implementing Remote Monitoring Software

  • Evaluating The Situation

Just before you begin interacting with employees regarding the time tracking system, you should first assess the current condition of your company. Firstly, find out how many employees you have, is it necessary to track the work of all those who are working remotely, etc.

Also, you need to find the reason why you really want to track the team members, and are there any suspicions regarding their productivity. Plus, you would have to make sure that there isn’t any legal policy that is stopping you.

  • Communicate With Remote Workers

Sometimes the tracking system will make one think about untrusting employee desktop monitoring software relationships. This is why it is important that you remain transparent with your team. Make sure that you organize meetings to explain why you are getting the employee tracking tool. Also, try to show how it will work and what employees can expect from it.

  • Choosing A Good Monitoring Software

Nowadays, there are various options in terms of computer monitoring tools. Also, the selection procedures can be very much overwhelming. It is better if you create a list of the basic features that these ideal trackers need to have. Some of them are –

1) Time Tracking: Just think about time tracking along with the proof of work. Such a feature will allow users to log the working hours each day. Plus, it will record which apps and websites were used by the employee.

2) Screenshot of Remote Workers: Along with the analytics of the app usage and productivity, it is necessary to have screenshots of the employee’s devices.

3) Payroll Calculation: Based on the hours worked, this feature will easily calculate the amount of money that needs to be paid to the remote worker.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, remote employee tracking tools can provide a lot of benefits to small as well as large corporations. Some might go with the option to start free 30 day trial, while others might get enticed with the 20-30 day free trial. Whatever, the reason is, you would have to think first about the reason why you would want such remote tracking software.

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