Fixing Your Website Load Time


If you want your online business to succeed in 2021, you will need site speed optimization. Due to page loading speed, site search engine optimization (SEO), user experience, bounce rates, and conversion rates are all affected. Recent studies by Denver website design indicate that it takes an average of 10.3 seconds for a full load of a mobile web page and 27.3 seconds for a desktop page. Conversions are lost when websites load slowly. They cannot be recovered. The average consumer expects websites to load in two seconds or less. Forty percent of consumers abandon pages that take three seconds or more to load.

Nearly half of your visitors leave your site before it even gets started if it takes more than three seconds to load. It’s true what you said. Your conversions are impacted by this alone. Those visitors who decide to stay will be deterred from returning in the future by your slow load times. Seventy-nine percent of customers said they wouldn’t visit a site with poor performance again.

Make your images smaller and more optimized.

This will negatively affect your site’s loading speed if you have tons of images that are not optimized. To load large images, you’ll need to make the browser download larger files. Your images can be optimized in several ways to make them load more quickly. You should not load excessively large images. You should ensure that your images are the same width as the width of your blog page, for example. A plugin like WPSmush can automatically reduce the file size of your images if you are using a CMS like WordPress. Using Tiny PNG can help you reduce the size of your images without sacrificing quality. Before uploading, run your images through the tool.

Poor-quality hosting services.

Before you even have a website, you should optimize your site for speed. It is equally important to select the right hosting service and find a quality managed service provider (MSP). Your site’s performance issues may be resolved by upgrading to a better hosting plan or migrating to a different MSP.

Denver website design propose:

  • Managed services from a high-quality provider are the best choice.
  • Select hosting solutions that can ensure security, performance, and availability of your website (Cloud, Dedicated Server, Colocation, and VPS).
  • You should be able to depend on 24/7 support.

Code as little as possible

You might sometimes have a little bit of a mess in your website’s code. If this occurs, your website will load more slowly. You’ll have unnecessary line breaks, spaces, and other elements on your website when you’re customizing it, using a CMS, or even using an online website builder.

Plugins like Better WordPress Minify will help you reduce your code if you’re using WordPress. You should also be able to minify if you use the caching plugins mentioned above.

As well as your CSS and JavaScript, you may also want to minify them. You can speed up the process by having CSS and JavaScript files in one place, instead of various files spread across your computer.

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