Cooking games: Why are they one of the most popular games out there?


Kochspiel has always been popular among people all over the world. They fall under the bracket of simulation games, and simulation as a genre has been popular for decades. Simulation games started from life simulators and city builders and now evolved into a diverse genre of games that simulate everything from farming to business and many other things.

You can build your cafe or your restaurant and manage it as you go. Build the restaurant of your dreams and run it by yourself. Become a master chef that is famous worldwide and develop recipes and watch them spread across the world. A cooking game allows you to do all that and more.

Kochspiele especially has become a fan-favourite. Adding the prospect of food into a casual video gaming experience is a recipe for success, and it is pretty obvious why the cooking simulator genre has prospered so much.

Let us have a look:

Reason 1

A Casual Approach:

Multiplayer games, in general, are associated with high-octane action and games such as shooters, fighters or sports games. A simulation game is a casual experience that has elements of a competitive approach that is always optional.

Not everyone is keen to partake in a competitive style of game. Some people only want a relaxing experience that can help them to cool down and take a break from the regular grind that they go through. Cooking simulators provide the perfect balance in their style of gaming where one can casually take their time to manage and grow their cafe and restaurants while also offering a competitive approach for anyone willing to participate in it.

Reason 2


The main selling point of the simulation genre, in general, is the fact that it is a customizable and personal experience. Every player can have their version of a restaurant or establishment, and no two games are ever the same.

Such games offer a chance for people to get creative. Simulation games provide opportunities to design and stylize your character or environment. That allows the players to set their creativity free and make everything their own. Adding a personal touch is always a delightful act. That is the main reason why people play simulation games.

Reason 3

The rise in Smartphone tech:

A few generations ago, gaming was restricted to consoles and personal computers and wasn’t portable. Portable consoles like the Nintendo Gameboy advanced or the PSP were expensive and targeted towards a hardcore gaming audience.

Once smartphones started getting smarter and better, gaming started to gain popularity. Nowadays, a smartphone is like a portable game console in itself. The device is something that we carry everywhere and cannot live without; it has also turned into a place where we can install and play various games. Simulation games are perfect for smartphones, and thus, the advancement in the technology and processing power of the devices has led to a rise in the popularity of online simulation games that provide hours of creativity and rest on the go daily.

Smartphones getting faster and better will only allow better games to be made, and perfect integration with this technology will improve the quality of games overall, promising a better experience.


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