All You Need to Know About Playing WMV Files on Mac


Many people have been taking attempts to play few video clips using .wmv on Mac, but all the attempts have turned out to be unsuccessful. Many times such files cannot be played even on QuickTime because it fails to recognize such files.

WMV which is the abbreviated form of Windows Media Video is a kind of file format that is compressed and is one of the basic format types available nowadays. To be shared easily through email and internet, WMV files are well known amongst the rest of the platforms apart from windows. A lot of times, the Mac users want their content to be played in the WMV format. Sadly, the tools which are included for video and audio playback on the Mac are inefficient to be played. However, there are a handful of ways that you can try if you want to watch.WMV files on your Mac. We are going to discuss such ways in this article today.

Method 1: Transform WMV into Mac file for playing WMV on Mac

There are several software which can help you in doing the job. Video Converter for Mac is simply software that enables the conversion of files. It draws advantage of the multi-core processing system of your Mac and transforms the WMV video clips instantly on Mac. It can also change the largely used file formats such as MKV, MOV, AVI, MTS, MP4, etc.

This tool also has a team of presets which are known for simplifying the selection process in the output settings tab. For converting WMV files specifically for any device enlisted in the list of presets, you just need to click on the name of the device.

Basic Steps to follow 

  1. Include WMV files with the software with the help of the drag down option or drop and click the ‘Add File” option.
  2. Choose the file of Mac playable such as MOV, m4v, mp4, from the drop-down option “Profile” and choose the output file format.
  3. Click on the “Convert” option present towards the end of the screen for starting the conversion to WMV.

Method 2: Try installing Elmedia Player on your Mac for playing WMV file

Elmedia is one such Mac video player which can let you play regional WMA and WMV file formats on your Mac. It is free of cost.

After you download, go ahead and start installing the Elmedia Player on Mac. For viewing the WMV file format, you just need to launch the program of media player, choose “File,” “Open”, select the WMV file, and hit “OK” to start loading the movie. Select the “Play” option in the end of the screen and then, the video will begin playing.

Both of the methods listed above sure to give you a well to do experience in streaming WMV videos using Mac OS. If you choose to transfer the WMV to various Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, iMovie, or any other well-known device which are not supportive of the WMV file format. For more information, you can visit the link:

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