3 Effective Tips To Elevate Your Influencer Marketing Platform


Have you ever wondered why many people entered the world of influencing and content creation? Aside from fueling their passion, various social commerce platforms allow influencers to earn revenues and garner sales. One way to ensure you’re going on the right path towards fame and popularity is by gaining a high number of views, engagements, and traffic. Whether you’re using a website, social media platform, or work with an influencer, whatever your influencer marketing platform is, there are various ways to attract more audience and visitors to your outlet and medium. Step up your branding, develop your marketing strategies, and work on your platform.


If you want to elevate your influencer marketplace or platform, here are a few strategies to consider.



Most people visit websites, blogs, or social commerce platforms for a few reasons. One of the most common reasons is to find answers. They look for answers, whether it is a product, a piece of information, details, or anything under the sun. Being able to provide solutions means your influencer marketing platform is effective. If you’re a newbie or new to the world of influencer marketing platforms for creators, the problem starts with search engine rankings. For sure, the ones leading these ranks are those who have a high number of followers. So, how do you make your branding effective and gain more audience in your niche?



When making an influencer marketing platform, yourgoals can help you gain reach and organic engagements. What’s your plan? Is your motive to inform people? Are you entering the world of content creation because it’s your passion? What makes you want to influence people?

How are you planning to get the mass to listen to what you have to express? Your goals are essential. Whether for selling products, setting an inspiration, gaining revenues or for whatever purposes, set your mind towards your goals.

To help you plan your goals, consider using the SMART goal. Each element of the SMART framework can help you achieve and carefully plan your goals.

  • Specific. Make sure your goals are as clear and concise as possible. Start with finding the answers to what you want to achieve. The more constricted your goal is, the more you get to understand the necessary steps on how you can accomplish your goals. For instance, set a specific number of audience reach instead of saying you want more visitors.
  • Measurable. When making an influencer marketing platform, you also need to ensure that your goals are measurable. For instance, if you plan to launch a business, say clothing pieces, you can measure the progress by starting with having products on hand or creating advertisements, such as posters, teasers, etc. This strategy can help you assess your milestones.
  • Achievable. Work towards a goal that is challenging but achievable and possible. Before creating an influencer marketing platform for creators, evaluate everything first, including your budget, experience, skills, whether it’s attainable, or any challenge that comes along the process.
  • Relevant. As an influencer, set goals for your social commerce platforms that align with your content, branding, and values.Say, for example, if your platform focuses on lifestyle, ensure that your goal is to inform and entertain people with your content.
  • Time-based. What is your goal time frame? What do you want to achieve after a year of using your influencer marketing platform? Set a realistic yet ambitious end date for your task prioritisation and motivation. While believing that you can get to fame someday is a motivational idea, it is also practical to give yourself a deadline.



Although they are already well-known brands across the globe, have you noticed how Nike, Starbucks, Burger King, Apple, and other brands are so famous in the market? The reason for that is their brand identity. Besides their names and branding, their logos and taglines also add up to their identity. Branding can help people remember you. When creating social commerce platforms, start with creating your graphic personality. Ensure that your colour scheme, font selection, and other elements feature your branding. From the content, promotion, logo, business card, social media posts, newsletter, and tagline, to the website, ensure that all these elements are in line with who and what your branding is.

Going back to Starbucks and their marketing game, have you observed how people immediately acknowledge the brand just by looking at a photo. For instance, when you see one of their stores and products on social media, even without any logo, you would instantly know it’s Starbucks. Use this as your inspiration for creating your strategies in your influencer marketing platform.



Getting visitors is a piece of cake, but getting organic visits and audience engagement. For your social commerce platforms, try to gather as much as information about your current readers, ideal followers, and visitors. One sure way to do and earn those details is using Google analytics. This web analytics service allows users to discover pieces of information regarding their site’s visitors, including their age group, where their visitors are from, duration of their visit, time and date when they visited, and more.

You can also ask your audience for the type of content they want to see more or what brought them to your influencer marketing platform. Identify your potential followers. This strategy can help you create more engaging content aligned and geared toward your target market. That way, you can determine who you are writing for, what content to post next, and their preferences.

Final Thoughts

Creating content on your social commerce platformsis not just about making a website, snapping a few pictures, posting with hashtags, and done! No, it is not like that. Sure, these factors are practical and efficient in gaining reach and earning sales. However, without persistence, it would all go down to waste. Having goals and setting social media marketing strategies can help you gather more traffic and identify what works best for your influencer marketing platform. That way, you won’t waste time, funds, and effor

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