12 SEO and Web Design Trends You Need To Know To Rule Search Results In 2023


If you can keep your users within your website longer, your search engine ranking will favor you and your online presence. Now that 2023 is just around the corner, it would be a great time to keep everyone on the team up to date with the latest trends.

Here are some SEO trends you need to know:

High-quality content

Even though this is about trends, you should know that some trends never disappear. Starting with the most important trend in SEO Toronto- high-quality content. Content is still king, and if you have not yet made the effort to produce quality and unique content regularly, then now’s a good time.

The power of video

With the rise of technology, there has been an increase in bounce rates for most company websites. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes, don’t focus too much on long and boring content. Make it interesting with a video of what you can offer them! An SEO company Toronto can help you achieve the right mix of content so search engines will love you while ensuring an excellent experience for your audience.

Featured snippets

Another thing to watch out for in 2023 SEO Toronto trends would be featured snippets. Going back to our point of having long and boring content, one way to spice things up would be to separate important information into featured snippets. This makes your content scannable and readable for both your users and Google crawlers.

Security and privacy

Your existing and potential customers want nothing more than to ensure that their data is secured and private. Make sure that pop-up errors are nowhere to be seen when they visit your website.

Voice search

SEO Toronto continues to evolve and now some of the top search engines out there are focusing on voice search. When you create compelling content, make sure to utilize relevant keywords properly. A web design company Toronto can help create a good user interface so your audience can make the most out of your content.

Mobile experience

Another example of a trend that will never go away would be your users’ mobile experience. This would include the right images and video displays on your website.

We understand that this could be new territory so we’re here to show you some of the six web design trends to watch out for.

Here are six web design trends:

3D worlds

When it comes to web design Toronto trends this coming 2023, you can bet that 3D is right at the top of the list. Call in the professionals and your marketing team because you would need help from the experts navigating this new field.

Typographic layouts

Text is a powerful tool when it comes to web design. Make sure that all elements on your website or video displays can exist in the same composition.

404 rehabilitation

404 error pages are never a good thing. This 2023, instead of having a boring 404 page, brainstorm with your development and design team how you can make error pages much more interesting for the customer. Having a good and funny design can go a long way!

Scrapbook aesthetic

For web design Toronto in 2022, there was a massive shift to scrapbook aesthetics. Utilize this trend in 2023 and compile a bunch of random photos to make it look good when presenting your brand.

1990s navigation

Another trend that started this 2022 is the 90’s retro trend. Incorporate this aesthetic and vibe into your business website and all your social media posts and newsletters.

Animated products

Another thing you need to keep an eye out for would be animated products. Subtle micro-interactions can greatly boost your following and your traffic.

When it comes to SEO and web design Toronto, you need to stay up-to-date with all of these trends because the last thing you’d want is to get left behind.

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