Why switch to a dedicated hosting server


When one is to think about web servers, there are mostly two options. Hosting server and a dedicated server. If you are a small business or a blog, a hosting server will be enough to set all your needs in order. But if you are a large business that needs a ton of data movement, then there is a need for a stronger and more powerful network setting. This is where dedicated servers come into play. For all needs such as a bitcoin server hosting, database hosting or email hosting, the dedicated server will be a better deal.

Here a few reasons to switch to the dedicated server

1. Faster Access

When it comes to running complicated operations or managing large data, slow load time or downtime can affect business drastically. When the server is running on an independent network, the odds of it failing are way lesser. This gives the users faster access and higher read speeds. Since the service is not being shared amounted to many users, the entire bandwidth will be utilized by the single network.

2. Cost-Effective

Although it is costly to buy a dedicated server, this is much more cost-effective in the long run. If there is a need to upgrade to a dedicated server, then the obvious reason is that the size of data to manage has surpassed the hosting server limit. If large data needs to be transferred and stored on a hosting server the costs will be very high. It makes more practical sense to invest in a cheap 1GBPS dedicated server than pay for yearly hosting plans.

3. Network Saftey

The biggest advantage of a dedicated server is that it is dedicated to only your use. This means the data on the network is not shared with anyone else. This means if you have a bitcoin server hosting, the data of that network can only be accessed by you through your secure IP. Additionally, the crashes on the server are minimal or never happen. Since the functions of the whole network are only dedicated to your use, the faults of another person or team will not affect your network.

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