MilesWeb Review – Host Heavy Websites on Dedicated Servers


You know you have come a long way when you search for powerful hosting services.

When we start the business, we aim to succeed. The step by step process helps us reach more customers and eventually more sales.

As you have started to receive huge traffic, you know that switching to dedicated hosting will benefit you. Even we use dedicated hosting for most of our business websites, as it offers more productivity and output.

There is efficiency in dedicated hosting. It is not like any other hosting where there are limitations of usage and space. Dedicated hosting is hosting that provides a server of your own.

If you want to go ahead and handle the heaviest traffic, dedicated servers are perfect. They can manage that many visitors at a time and still perform the best.

You can host your heavy websites on MilesWeb’s dedicated servers. They offer top-notch hosting services at affordable costs. If you are looking for low-cost services yet quality, then MilesWeb is perfect.

Every time a website is down, visitors opt for a similar website. They don’t like websites with high load times. It annoys them as we humans are impatient.

If your website’s hosting is not efficient to handle huge traffic, it will result in server downtimes. That will also contribute to a high bounce rate. For reducing downtimes and bounce rates, dedicated hosting is incredible hosting.

The Gist of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting services provide you complete physical server. There is no sharing of the space and resources here as you enjoy a completely committed environment.

There is enhanced security and privacy in dedicated hosting. It offers effortless performance to the website. If there are high-security risks in shared hosting, dedicated hosting provides zero risk of threats.

It is more likely to increase the traffic, sales and ranking of the business website. Such powerful hosting also improves brand originality.

MilesWeb dedicated servers are reliable and secured. They will fit your budget as well. As they are the best providers, you can expect top class features with their dedicated plans.

MilesWeb offers both self-managed and managed cheap dedicated hosting server. As they have listed only unmanaged plans on their website, you can reach MilesWeb’s sales team for managed dedicated packages.

That is also if you want the company to manage your bare metal servers. They will assist you at all times.

Unmanaged dedicated services range from $99/m to $669/m. There are several plans under this hosting. So, it depends upon the need of the website and, you can choose the plan accordingly.

You can even request a custom plan. MilesWeb allows users to buy a custom package that meets their requirements. Again you will have to contact the sales team for the same.

They will assist you with the pricing of the plan.

Generally, websites that receive heavy traffic, eCommerce websites and companies that cannot afford to lose visitors opt for dedicated hosting. Server uptime is essential for such heavy websites. If your website experiences too many downtimes, you will lose potential sales.

Moreover, MilesWeb offers the highest network uptime of 99.99% with a service level agreement.

Resources with MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting –

  • Memory expandable up to 256 GB
  • Get storage up to 2TB SAS
  • Bandwidth expandable up to 5 TB
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Get up to 40 cores + HT

Take a look on MilesWeb’s cheapest reseller hosting, all the plans comes with 100% white labeled tag.

Benefits of MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting

MilesWeb offers plenty of great features with all web hosting services, including dedicated hosting. Their plans will benefit you to the fullest and help expand the business to a great level.

Here are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy if you purchase MilesWeb’s dedicated plans.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb provides the highest network uptime along with a service level agreement. It pledges 99.99% uptime so that your website runs smoothly at all hours.

There are few companies that offer high uptime, but only MilesWeb guarantees 99.99%.

Unlimited Websites Hosting

There are absolutely no restrictions for hosting as many websites as you want. You are even permitted to switch all your websites to a dedicated server. Plus, if you have clients with heavy websites, let them rent on the server.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Professional email accounts help send and receive business updates. You can create unlimited email ids and update your clients at any time and receive their queries on the same platform.

Operating Systems

MilesWeb has a wide range of operating systems. You can choose the required one, and they will help you get started in minutes.

SSH Root Access

You have the full authority to control and manage the server. You can install heavy web applications, and your bare metal server will be highly reliable for them.


As you don’t share your resources with others, enjoy high security. There are no chances of security threats or other fraudulent activities.


MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting services are highly reliable, secured and inexpensive. If you are running out of capital, this affordable hosting will help.

Dedicated hosting is essential if you want to expand your business and rank your website on the internet. It has more to offer in terms of growth. Plus, they give you plenty of the best features.

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