Features of Fitness Trackers: The Epic Reasons Behind Their Craze


More and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle, because of which the trend of wearable technology is on a high tide. Devices such as fitness trackers in the form of watches mostly are loved by all. But what is unique about a Fitness Tracker Watch? What makes it a fad? The answer lies among the following features.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

It is arguably the most common yet popular feature and advantage of a fitness tracker. Monitoring your heart rate is a great way to gauge and control your workout intensity. It can also help to get a better idea of the proportion of calories you’re burning per day during any exercise. 

  • Swimming Support

If you are an enthusiastic swimmer, you should look for a Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smartwatch. These watches can help you to keep track of a few things, such as the number of laps you have completed, the length of each lap, etc. You can wear these devices while you swim without any concern. 

  • Calorie and Weight Tracking Feature

This feature lets you know the efficiency of your workout. Efficient workout means a large proportion of calories burning per day. Some of these machines also have calorie consumption and weight trackers- the ideal device for weight loss candidates.

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  • Smart Like A Smartphone

Besides tracking activities, a Fitness Tracker Watch can also sync with phones. It can alert you if there are new messages in your phone. It can also remind you of any calls, emails, calendar alerts, and even social media notifications. Most of these trackers can also control your music playlist present on your phone, even if you don’t have it next to you.

  • Sleep Tracking

Waking up after insufficient sleep makes anyone cranky and tired. The quality of sleep affects one’s mood as well as health big-time. Some fitness tracker devices have the feature of sleep monitoring. These devices monitor the sleep duration, timings as well as the quality. You can even review the sleep stages. A sound sleep reflects sound health.

  • Coaching and Feedback Features

Most of the fitness trackers track the user’s fitness, hence the name.  Some of the newest trackers have an additional feature” coaching and feedback. Meaning, these devices can give you feedback and coach you to improve your fitness routine, workout exercises, and their execution. In turn, they can improve your health by giving you real-time workout feedback. Do you want feedback on your swimming workout? Go and get yourself a Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smartwatch. Check this link, you need to get an activity tracker to get an effective workout

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