Overview of Backlink Monitoring and SEO Tools for Improving the Efficiency of Your Website


Maintaining a website is not easy. You may think that your job is over after setting up your website. This is not the case. If you do not regularly monitor your website for broken backlinks, there are high chances that your website’s popularity will go down.

Analyzing your Backlinks with the Right SEO Tools

Backlink monitoring is necessary. It plays a crucial role in determining your website performance and identifying the key issues that can affect your website ranking. Sometimes, your backlinks can get broken, if the website owner has changed their webpage. If ignored, you might be low on potential visitors who might be interested in your website.

Using backlink monitoring tools such as Linkascope can make the task easier for you. If your backlink is broken or down, it will immediately notify you so that you can resolve the issue instantly. In addition to this, it also features an SEO website crawler that can help you detect technical issues in your website. The site checker featured on their website will perform a thorough scan and identify critical issues in your website.

You can also use the Backlink Spider to discover new links. This helps you stay ahead of your competitors and ensures that your website always makes it to the top search engine pages. You also have easy access to backlink suppliers in case you need to restore any broken links.

If you have a long URL, you can even use the by2.io to shorten your links. This proves to be a useful tool when it comes to distributing your URL onto various social media platforms. Shortened links prove to be easier for your users to click and share on their blogs or websites, thereby improving your brand image.

This link shortener can also help you understand the needs of your target audience and help you develop better strategies to keep them engaged on your website. It also helps to improve your click-through rate.

Link Monitoring Tools to Assess Your Backlinks

In addition to the two popular SEO monitoring backlinks, you can even use the below tools:

  • Semrush
  • Google Search Console

Semrush is a useful tool that can help you discover potential keywords that can improve the visibility of your website. It also comes with an On Page SEO Checker that gives you an overall view of your backlink profiles and performs internal audits to detect any issues.

You might be aware of Google Search Console which helps measure your website’s traffic and performance. In addition to this, you can even review your index coverage and ensure that your website always stays on the first search page on Google.

You can also use tools like LinkResearch Tools (LRT) that offers helps you monitor incoming links and notifies you if any backlinks are lost or broken. It also offers periodic project reports wherein you can audit your website performance and make changes to improve its visibility.


Working with the right SEO backlink monitoring tools saves you both time and effort in manually supervising your website. You can utilize this saved time in focusing on how to improve and keep your existing and potential users interested in your website.

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