Things To Know About Mulesoft Online Training


Things To Know About Mulesoft Online TrainingMulesoft is the leading provider of B2B integration software with a real-time platform for data, APIs, and applications, enabling machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-people (M2P), and people-to-machine (P2M).

The course will take you from the basics of Mulesoft APImate, including standard API calls and configuring connections and transactions, to more advanced API calls, such as Data Processing; Execution Triggers; Automated Transactions. You will also learn how the API can be used outside of core Mulesoft products.

Mulesoft is an enterprise software platform that helps companies move, manage and integrate their data to power digital and mobile applications. The API analytics module can accept a request from a client application or the web, process it, and generate a response in the format chosen by each client.

The private beta program for Mulesoft API Analytics will begin in mid-2014. Leading global companies are already using Mulesoft as their data integration tool to build critical applications for customers, partners, and internal users.

This course is for developers who are new to Mulesoft’s unique technology and have no exposure to the product or any prior experience with integration tools (including SOAP-based technologies). The course will be self-paced so you can work at your own pace. The units are released in a fixed-format version, with prerequisites and other details made available after each unit. Furthermore, we intend to remove content from Mulesoft training course regularly on this page to give you even more value!

When you start the course, you will be invited to create an account with us. As a student of the course, you’ll get access to all future updates, bonus material, and real-time support from our experts. Additionally, all participants receive a free 12-month subscription to Mulesoft’s API Analytics toolset (valued at USD 2500), free access to over 1000 data sets and API methods, plus other benefits for life.

There are two ways to start the course:

Firstly, to purchase a copy of “Things To Know About Mulesoft Online Training”, you can register today on Swarang and become an official member (you’ll receive your course materials immediately). Or, you may register through the online registration form below. We are looking forward to you joining our community of developers!

Secondly, if you are already familiar with Mulesoft and only want access to the individual units at a discounted price, please proceed with the registration form below, making sure you choose “Individual license”. The course will be available for purchase through Swarang in the coming weeks, with your registration completed and payment received. Soon you will be able to access it on Swarang as a member.

You must understand basic programming concepts, such as variables, functions, and classes. If you are new to API-based software development, this course is for you! If you have prior experience with other integration technologies (e.g., SOAP), this course is also for you! The course content includes an introductory section before covering each unit; however, we are very flexible about how much time you need to devote to each unit and can accommodate individual learning styles.

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